December 2016 - Website Hosting Coupon Codes

Amazon S3 Storage Solutions

Amazon offers an easy storage solution called S3. With its user-friendly interface, store data from all over the web. Retrieve it from anywhere too. This storage solution is almost 100% durable (better than 99.99%) and works at its best with other Amazon applications. Simple Storage Service That is where the name comes from, S3: the... Read More »

Amazon CloudFront CDN Services

Amazon’s CloudFront hosting services provide a Content Delivery Network or CDN across the whole globe. Edge Servers are located in 16 spots in the United States, two Canadian cities, 10 Asian cities, 11 European locations, plus more sites in Australia, India, and South America. Edge Servers create fast, reliable web service while Amazon backs this... Read More »

Apache HTTP Server

This is touted by Apache as the top HTTP Server available on the worldwide web right now; HTTP being Hypertext Transfer Protocol. This is how information is distributed, connected, and structured on the web. There’s more to it than that, and you would understand if you wrote code. The Apache HTTP Server Project isn’t a... Read More »

Akamai: Content Delivery Network Leader

Akamai believes that innovation does not let technology take the lead; they bring technology forward by innovating in their field. This field is Content Delivery Network services or CDN as it is commonly known. You might have heard a lot about CDN lately. This is a series of Edge Servers which connect and re-route information... Read More »