January 18, 2017 - Website Hosting Coupon Codes

Do You Need A Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

What is a Content Delivery Network? Do you need one? What are the pros and cons? This is a high-tech topic involving a lot of technical language pertaining to web hosting but we will try to keep jargon to a minimum in this article. Here is what you need to know. CDN or Content Delivery... Read More »

What Is The CDNJS Library?

CDNJS or Content Delivery Network for JavaScript is a CloudFlare library. JavaScript code operates from so many websites; thousands of them. Every time you download something from a site that uses JavaScript, your computer downloads a copy of JavaScript too, which seems redundant, but you don’t think about it. Using a separate system to manage... Read More »

Edge Servers and a Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network or CDN uses Edge Servers or Nodes to store and distribute information around the world-wide web. This is an alternative to traditional servers which possesses many benefits over the technology consumers recognize best. Who are Edge Servers for and what are those benefits? Who Is the Edge for? Without getting technical... Read More »