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StackPath Marks The Path To Online Security

StackPath, a content delivery┬áservice, was developed in the United States as a means of making web hosting and services work together for better security and performance. A number of experts work together to do something that has not been done before: bring many answers to “enterprise security” together under one web hosting service banner. Customers... Read More »

Cloud vs. On-Premise Hosting For Your Website

The debate rages on: should one engage hosting through the cloud or on-premise hosting? Is one of these safer, faster, or more intuitive? Which one is better for mobile applications or global companies? Is one seriously better than the other experiencing lower downtime than the other? The Cloud Hosting on the cloud involves a subscription... Read More »

The Varnish HTTP Accelerator

What is Varnish? Wait a minute, what is HTTP while we’re at it? If you, like most of the world, are in the dark about HTTP, then let’s back up and explain. This is Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the basis for communication on the web. You are using it all the time without knowing it, but... Read More »

Acquia Cloud Platform Building

When you are on the cloud, it can seem like your foundations are unpredictable. You want the certainty of a partner like Acquia. They offer customers a cloud platform which enables them to build, deliver, and improve customers’ experiences on the web worldwide. Acquia for the Cloud This is for every client, meeting individual needs.... Read More »

Incapsula For Faster, Safer Websites

Incapsula sells security and speed for your website, operating for any purpose, be it personal or professional. Protect your reputation and clients from threats of all sizes, new and old. Find out how Incapsula can improve your sense of internet safety and make your site more reliable. Your website could be running more quickly, blocking... Read More »

BootstrapCDN For New Developers

BootstrapCDN is not just for new website developers; any developer can use and will probably like it. BootstrapCDN offers new developers the simplicity of a user-friendly, intuitive framework and is also beloved by seasoned developers. It has become the framework for many oft-use sites and its features favor flexible development needs. This is another Open... Read More »

Elastic, Fantastic Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is otherwise known by its short nickname: Amazon EC2. This web service from Amazon allows one to change capacity when using the cloud; to “scale” one’s creations using a smooth interface that is simple to use. You will be operating in no time with Amazon EC2. Cloud Control Amazon promises developers... Read More »