Acquia Cloud Platform Building

When you are on the cloud, it can seem like your foundations are unpredictable. You want the certainty of a partner like Acquia. They offer customers a cloud platform which enables them to build, deliver, and improve customers’ experiences on the web worldwide.

Acquia for the Cloud

This is for every client, meeting individual needs. Customers include Warner Music Group, Intuit, and Stanford University, among big names. Read more about why these and other organizations trust Acquia to support them in the cloud. CEO of Aquia’s Board of Directors, Thomas Erickson, has more than a quarter-century of experience with software and related services.

Benefits of Acquia

There is no limit to scale or personalization. Make your own piece of the cloud faster and more intuitive to drive customer satisfaction in your world, not the general world of organizations like yours. There are products for small companies, not just the giants above.

Acquia believes they enable clients to get things done faster: to create, to be “ideas” people, and to do so with no interruption the internet could potentially throw at them.

The Platform

Each customer receives management services across multiple Drupal sites. The idea is to be as specific as possible about what your website needs will be so as to reach and satisfy the widest possible audience, whether that’s a professional body or a group of consumers looking for online commerce.

Customer Happiness

At Acquia, they value your happiness and success above everything, even their own capacity to innovate. Staff members work directly with their customers to develop, support, and even to train them how to use the cloud better with their products.

Make Drupal really work for you. Think of it like a smartphone you have only used to make calls and send texts. Inside that phone is the capacity to do so much more: play games, read content, buy things, and conduct video conversations. Acquia will open up an entirely new Drupal world to the uninitiated.

Acquia Products

Acquia offers an optimized version of Drupal with lower costs, simpler management tools for solving problems and maintenance, flexibility and scalability. Conduct tests more easily. Get new sites onto the net more quickly using tools for automation. Involve third-party tools and work smoothly with developers.

Acquia is reliable and will prove their worth. Reduce downtime and prevent threats with their formidable security. Monitor the site in real time too. Support is available 24/7 if you can figure it out using the tools provided. Disaster recovery is supplied. Explore comparisons between the cloud, managed hosting, and on-site hosting using the handy chart at Aquia as your reference.

Security at Acquia

Those tables are a standard feature of the website. Customers see it again in a security comparison. Acquia promises a commitment to defending their clients. They invest in the people and technology to supply security at many levels. This is built into attitudes, software, and their standards of service.

Acquia Lift

Lift is for users who wish to enjoy even more personalization, traffic conversion, and better customer engagement on Drupal E-commerce. Sign up for Lift and enjoy data collection which helps you understand clients better. Improve conversion rates with a tighter website designed more specifically to attract customers and improve their experience. Learn to build these sites easily with the help of Acquia Lift.

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