Akamai: Content Delivery Network Leader

Akamai believes that innovation does not let technology take the lead; they bring technology forward by innovating in their field. This field is Content Delivery Network services or CDN as it is commonly known.

You might have heard a lot about CDN lately. This is a series of Edge Servers which connect and re-route information all over the world more quickly and reliably than traditional servers because there are more of them. Edge Servers (a.k.a. nodes) are located intermittently around the world. One often sees CDN and Cloud-Hosting in the same sentence.

Faster Uploading, Less Down Time

When information has to be passed from a server in a major city to a server in another city thousands of miles away and back again, even speedy web hosting servers experience “lag.” Service slows down. It’s especially slow if content features video or anything dynamic.

With static content, traditional servers work just fine. Many websites, however, feature or facilitate dynamic content such as music video channels and tools for making long-distance conference calls face-to-face. They also rely on security both for their businesses to thrive and for the safety of consumers who visit their sites.

When traditional servers are overloaded, they crash. Where will information be re-routed to and from? Is it safe? With Edge Servers, the next server is very close. Downtime is virtually non-existent.

akamaiAbout Akamai

This CDN leader provides reliable internet that is secure and quick. Their clients need mobile applications and also smooth delivery to PCs. Clients come from all types of businesses.

Akamai was conceivedĀ as a result of “applied mathematics and algorithms” as the company website explains. Researchers at MIT were interested in solving a problem that had not arisen yet: server overload.

The company was formed following success during an MIT competition, back in 1998. Since that time, the founding group has been proved right. Overload is a problem, but CDN helps to solve it. Commercial service began in 1999.

Intelligent Platform at Akamai

Theirs is the biggest cloud-based web hosting platform, one that is ahead of its time. The Intelligent Platform is made up of software located on almost 200,000 servers in over 100 countries. There are over 1,000 networks involved in the Intelligent Platform by Akamai which is always mapping the web in order to determine operational conditions, detect risks, and block hackers. Daily actions number in the trillions.

Akamai’s platform can also be scaled to meet the changing requirements of clients. Your traffic levels are not static. There are peaks in each company’s year, seasons of high traffic, and low spells. Akamai can meet those needs.

Users control their own applications and content using LUNA, a control center that is open to web developers. View analytical information with this user-friendly system which is rich with options but simple to use.


Akamai is a growing business. Their client specialties are various, so Akamai’s product catalog is sophisticated and comprehensive. They offer Media Delivery, Web Performance, Cloud Security, and Cloud Networking products.

With Akamai services supporting your internet applications, everything moves faster and more smoothly. Businesses can rely on a CDN and the Cloud when they are protected against cyber threats and downtime.

They are able to reach more people when websites are mobile-friendly. Akamai aims to please. Their technology handles current trends and needs but is also racing ahead of consumers to predict and prepare for the future.

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