Elastic, Fantastic Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is otherwise known by its short nickname: Amazon EC2. This web service from Amazon allows one to change capacity when using the cloud; to “scale” one’s creations using a smooth interface that is simple to use. You will be operating in no time with Amazon EC2.

Cloud Control

Amazon promises developers total control over their resources within the Amazon environment. Find and start up servers in a shorter time. Change the size of your needs in either direction. That matters because you pay for what you use on the cloud.

Users are also protected from typical problems; cut off from crashes and surges that cause other websites to fail and can cause huge problems to their applications. Enjoy root access and interaction with very instance. Stop without losing data; restart with API; remotely reboot: this is highly elastic web development. You are in charge.

Quick Capacity

One of the top advantages of using Amazon EC2 is how fast it does the job. You will be scaled up or down in just a matter of minutes. Many other programs require hours of your time to achieve the same thing which is why so many new developers would have left such things in the hands of professionals.

Now they can do it themselves for less money and have far more control. If you can’t predict traffic on your site, the ability to adjust to scale is a major benefit.

Agile on the Web

Choose a memory configuration or operating system from a host of possibilities. Create a partition size for applications in Linux or Microsoft. Use your systems freely with other Amazon services; they are designed to work together with zero friction. These systems include S3 Simple Storage, RDS Relational Database, and SQS or Simple Queue Service.

Cloud Reliability

The Amazon EC2 system provides an environment that can’t fail. Replace instances swiftly. Enjoy better-than 99.9% uptime with the Amazon SLA. Your resources are also secured in a VPC or Virtual Private Cloud. Choose your IP range and areas of visibility. The whole thing is free to sample and affordable on-demand.

Cost of EC2

Pay for on-demand instances at an hourly rate. There are no lengthy contractual commitments. Change the amount of capacity use: this is an elastic product after all. Try EC2 if your traffic is difficult to predict but cannot cope with interruptions.

Spot pricing opens up bidding and Reserved Instances provide as much as 75% off of on-demand costs. Reserved Instances have been assigned to zones and are best for usage that doesn’t change very much, although a lower price is contingent on longer contracts. Finally, choose a physical server; an EC2 dedicated to your personal use. With this server, apply software licenses tied to servers and save money in the long run.

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