Amazon S3 Storage Solutions

Amazon offers an easy storage solution called S3. With its user-friendly interface, store data from all over the web. Retrieve it from anywhere too. This storage solution is almost 100% durable (better than 99.99%) and works at its best with other Amazon applications.

Simple Storage Service

That is where the name comes from, S3: the three S’s. They mean so much in a world of complex computing codes and regulations. You want storage that is easy to operate and will work seamlessly with other systems. All Amazon programs and services work together efficiently and smoothly.

Enter the Data Lake

Amazon describes their S3 storage product as a data lake where all a person or company’s data can be stored. Information is ready for analysis, recovery, or backups all the time even if you did not organize it; like throwing everything in a drawer and having someone come along and label each item for classification.

You do not need a server either. Apparently, many applications based in the cloud select Amazon S3 for the majority of their storage needs because it is Amazon’s most sophisticated storage product.

Move a lot of information in and out of S3 using Amazon cloud migration. Tier stored data according to Amazon’s affordable pricing schedule. Rates change according to region but go up to 50 TB, up to 450 TB, and beyond 500 TB. Smug Mug, Air BNB, Nasdaq, and Netflix all use Amazon S3.

Rich with Features

Enjoy the most useful and plentiful features of any storage option. This includes a management console over the web and an app for your handheld device. Integrate easily with other technologies. Store as much or as little data as you want and access data with total control so as to run your business efficiently and meet customer expectations swiftly.

Transfer data securely; it is automatically encrypted once uploaded to Amazon S3. Manage permissions with IAM or Identity and Access Management.

Experience Easy Integration

Amazon’s Simple Storage Service is integrated with Amazon services across the board like CloudFront, CloudWatch, and Redshift. They work together the way all things do when they were made for one another: effortlessly. Other storage products from Amazon include Glacier, Snowball, Snowball Edge, EBS, and EFS.

Low Cost Static Hosting

Is your data mostly static? Amazon S3 is an affordable host for such items. Pay for not only volume but the type of data in your data lake. Enjoy peace of mind knowing disaster recovery, thanks to CRR or Cross-Region Replication which copies all of your items, even if they are in another region of Amazon Web Services.

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