B3 Website Discounts and Promos

The B3 team believes time is important, particularly your time as a customer. Consequently, they have established services that enable you and your firm to save time when you are getting onto the net and enhancing your profile.

Each team member loves his or her job and they were chosen specifically for their enthusiasm and skill. You can choose them to by getting in touch via online chat and discussing your options as a new B3 client.

B3 Website Discounts

Here are some promo codes and discounts if you are looking for a hosting deal since we don’t know of any current B3 Website coupons:

$3.45 Per Month Hosting Promotion

Get Hosting For $4.95 Per Month

Intro offer with 30 day money back guarantee

B3Website.comB3 Services

Customers at B3 are interested in domains, web hosting, and website development. On the domain side of things, use their site to apply Whois and discover more about a website or domain.

Register a domain name, renew a registration, or transfer a registered domain from another host to B3. It’s not like moving house, even though your current host could be located anywhere in the world while B3 offices are in Greece, Cyprus, and the UK. Moving is quick.

Choose B3 Website Hosting for WordPress, a shared “Starter” site, their “Unlimited” package, or a “Business” hosting plan. Prices start at €2.54 Euros on sale.

Each package comes with 24/7 support from real people including live chat of Helpdesk, 99.9% uptime, a 30-day money-back guarantee, speedy servers from Dell, redundant power, cPanel control, firewalls, and upgrading options which are easy to apply.

Dell M1000 Blade Server

Dell supplies the technology for B3 Hosting with their impressive Blade Server, the M1000. This scalable server is also highly efficient, making it more green than its predecessors and many servers in use today. It features redundancy, power, and remote management tools to enable interaction in the virtual world.


B3 apps are installed in seconds using their application installer, Installatron. With a single click, enable photo displays, shopping, forums, and blog writing on your website. IP is their Plugin for enhanced control. With IR, you are able to remotely install, restore, clone content, and more features. IS, their Installatron server, incorporates apps and features into your hosting platform to improve customer interaction.

Growing with Customers

B3 Website Hosting promises scalability for customers who feel they are about to out-grow their current hosting plan. In the normal course of things, if a business is doing well, it will grow. When your package isn’t big enough anymore, get in touch. Hassle-free upgrading will take moments. You could be anticipating a wave of heavy traffic to come or expecting an ongoing, regular increase based on analytics. B3 will move you to a new, more powerful package.


Use the domain registration page to look up existing suffixes and prices from a few euros to over ten euros. Domains include dot-Blue, dot-PW, dot-Wiki, and dot-Date. Instead of trying to find a suitable suffix, choose a filter which classifies them by purpose. Select one for Real Estate such as dot-Villa or dot-Estate. Clicking “sports” will lead you to dot-Yoga. There are filters for business, education, health, and many others.

Web Hosting

The Unlimited plan, their mid-range product, costs €6 per month. It provides unlimited websites, unlimited storage, and the annual plan comes with a free domain. Free set up is standard and several other features are mentioned like the cPanel and 24/7 service.

The Business hosting option for €9.99 provides the same as an Unlimited Plan plus twice the memory and processing power with cPanel in Linux, Premium DNS (Domain Name Servers), and SSL for one year.

This last piece allows you to assure customers you can offer them a secure place to shop for jewelry, clothes, books, etc. All three plans (these two plus the Starter) offer numerous features without any additional costs. These include virus scanning and leach protection, statistics, DNS Zone Editor, language changing, and CGI.

WordPress Hosting is also available in three formats at similar prices: Startup, Big, or Developer. Big costs €4.99 monthly for multiple websites with up to 20,000 monthly visits and 20 GB of storage. WordPress is the world’s number one Open Source platform for user-friendly websites, blogs, and e-commerce development.