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I wanted to take some time today to write this unbiased review of Bluehost hosting and of course give the best Bluehost coupon codes that are available. I am currently a Bluehost customer now and I’ve been using this service for over a year. Plus, I’ve used many other hosting companies in the past and know exactly what to look for in a high quality hosting company.

Not only am I going to share my own personal experiences with you today, but am also going to tell you about the experiences that I’ve read and learned from other Bluehost users.

With that said, let me kick this review into high gear and fill you in on all of the important and pertinent details, both good and bad. If you are interested in their awesome promo codes, see below.

2016 Bluehost Review & Promo Codes

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Bluehost has already made major waves in the industry in 2016, which is why I wanted to share this updated review with you. And it’s also true that when you look online for other Bluehost reviews, many of the ones that you find are old and somewhat outdated. So it’s good to do an updated review from time to time.

Over the last few months, many of my readers have requested that I give them a brief review or my opinion about Bluehost through email. I decided to take things one step further by writing a detailed review instead of just sharing a short opinion via email and social media sites.

It’s also important to note that Bluehost has managed to find themselves in the news in the last few months. One of the main reasons why they are in the news this year is because they recently launched a cloud hosting solution called Premium WordPress Hosting Services & Cloud Sites. So this new service is definitely getting everyone’s attention as well.

In the past few months, they have even been participating in spreading cancer awareness. I’ve also learned recently that they plan on making their homepage Halloweeny for the entire month of October to celebrate the spooky holiday!

And most recently, Bluehost hosting was even gifted enough to win a few different awards because people are really ecstatic about their hosting service.

With that out of the way, it’s time to dive into the very detailed Bluehost hosting review that I intend to share with you today. My clients and I have had an excellent experience using their hosting services, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them and so much more. And with our coupon codes for Bluehost it’s really a no brainer.

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Blue Host Hosting Overview

This company originally hit the hosting circuits back in 1996, and it is one of the oldest and longest lasting companies of its kind currently online right now. It’s a relatively large company with over 700 employees based out of Provo, Utah.

When Bluehost was first dreamed up by the creators, the only thing they wanted to accomplish was to create a better hosting company than the large majority of the other companies that were currently in existence at the time. Suffice it to say that after the last 20 years, they have definitely hit their mark!

As a matter of fact, this company has grown exponentially over the last 20 years. In fact, they are actually one of the 20 largest web hosting companies available in the world today. Endurance International Group recently acquired them. Endurance is actually the largest group of online hosting companies anywhere in the world today.

So Bluehost is definitely in good hands with their new owner. In fact, it is estimated that Bluehost is actually hosting more than 2 million domains at this time, which is an amazing feat to accomplish in and of itself.

An In-Depth Review of Bluehost Hosting

To kick off this full review, I first want to take a look at everything that I like about this company. Remember, this is an unbiased review and I’m going to share a couple of things that I feel they can improve upon as well. But since the things I like far outweigh the things that need improving, it only makes sense to start off with the pros and then move onto the cons at the very end.

Sound good?

Bluehost Hosting Pros

If you take the time to read through this review about Bluehost, and then look at some of the other reviews that are available online, you’ll read plenty of positive and negative things about this company. Some of the things you may agree with and some of the things you might not agree with. Just know that no company is ever perfect and as much as I like Bluehost, they do have their faults and flaws, which should be expected.

But, I’d like to start off this review talking about everything positive that I really like about this company. So I’m going to start with the pros and then move on with the cons at the end.

Customer Support Services

To get this going, the first thing that I wanted to mention about Bluehost hosting is their customer support. It is truly phenomenal and it’s the back bone of this amazing hosting service.

All hosting companies need to provide excellent customer service if they want to survive for 20 years like Bluehost did. In fact, most of the hosting companies online today fail because they do not have a customer service staff in place the way that Bluehost has it.

What makes their customer support so special? For starters, they have a number of different ways to get into contact with the company. You can contact them the following ways to attempt to get your hosting issues resolved:

  • by phone
  • via online chat
  • submitting a support ticket
  • social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • comprehensive knowledge base
  • join the Bluehost community for additional help

As it is plain to see, it’s possible to get customer support help through Bluehost six different ways. You’re not going to find that when dealing with just about any other company online today, let alone a hosting company of this type.

When I have a problem with my hosting service – it happens from time to time – I immediately like to take a look at the knowledge base before I begin calling or submitting support tickets. You’d be surprised at how detailed this knowledge base can truly be. They have answers to just about every imaginable question possible. But, if you do not find the answer that you’re looking for within the knowledge base, you can attempt the other methods of contact that I mentioned earlier.

For me personally, I like to call if I cannot find my answers in the knowledge base. Some people prefer online chat and that’s totally fine. I prefer to call and talk to somebody directly so I can have them walk me through the issue and get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Remember, time is money. The longer your website happens to go down, the more money you’re going to lose. It’s best to get your hosting problems resolved as fast as possible, so take advantage of the amazing customer service and get the help you need to succeed as quickly as possible.

On a side note, it’s important to note that Bluehost hosting has very little downtime to begin with. So you don’t have to worry about your website going down without warning too often. But as I mentioned earlier, no company is perfect and problems happen from time to time. So you may experience minor downtime every once in a while.

Bluehost Hosting Performance

Although customer support definitely has its benefits, it shouldn’t be the main reason why you choose a hosting service provider like Bluehost. The hosting company’s main job is to provide secure, reliable, and quick web hosting services at prices that you can easily afford. And that’s exactly what you get when you take advantage of Bluehost shared hosting.

The reason I like Bluehost is because of the many wonderful tools that they make available to their hosting clients. These tools are powerful and easy to integrate into your website. Plus, the tools help you also measure the hosting company’s uptime, which is important as I mentioned earlier because your host needs to keep your website up and running if you are going to continue to make money.

Downtime is a real pain in the butt and it’s costing you big-time when it happens. Thankfully, Bluehost understands this and works diligently to prevent downtime from being a major problem. And they are so confident that their hosting services up and running the majority of the time they are willing to let you see the statistics firsthand. In fact, I just read a statistic that says Bluehost has uptime percentages of 99.99%, which is much better than the industry standard.

After running a speed test, I can tell you that I was very happy with everything that I saw and I’m very impressed with this hosting service. When checking the download connection, I received the first bit of information in less than two seconds. The upload connection time was even better and was less than one second.

Another important tool that I wanted to bring your attention is called CloudFlare. The great thing about this particular tool is it is built directly into all hosting accounts, and it helps make your website run even faster. This excellent option is going to increase your website’s performance without you doing anything other than activating it inside cPanel. Again, this is a free additional tool that they let you use at no cost. So take advantage of it and activate it the next time you’re in the control panel to make your website run at optimal speeds.

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The Control Panel

Next, let’s dive into the control panel and learn more about how you can easily manage your website.

Just like many other hosting service providers, Bluehost did the smart thing and decided to go with cPanel as their control panel of choice. This is the control panel most people are comfortable with, so it makes sense to stick with the one that people already know and love.

Plus, I can honestly say that out of all of the control panels available today, cPanel is definitely the most comprehensive out of the bunch. It’s easy to understand and it has a straightforward GUI which makes it simple to manage websites. Even better, after Bluehost recently overhauled their service, they even added additional new features for you to take advantage of as one of their hosting service customers.

Some of the simple things you can do when using cPanel include:

  • Install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Create databases.
  • Manage databases
  • Back up your website.
  • Add domain names.
  • Create email IDs.
  • And much more.

And as I already mentioned, cPanel has recently been improved by Bluehost and they added some much needed additional features. There are plenty of new apps to use, and when compared to the stock version that they used to have, it’s much easier and simpler to navigate now than it has ever been in the past.

Hosting Scalability

The great thing about Bluehost hosting is they offer plenty of fantastic options as you grow and expand your business.

If you are first starting out online, and just building your website audience, you won’t need to take advantage of the most powerful services offered by Bluehost. In fact, you should start out by using their shared hosting plan to begin with. This is the most cost-effective option and it will give you the opportunity to grow and expand your business online without having to spend additional money for resources that you’ll never use.

Let’s say that your business is booming online and your website has really taken off. You’ve built a huge following that reads all of your blog posts and likes to check out your content on a regular basis. With all of this additional traffic, you will now need to take advantage of more resources that are readily at your disposal as long as you are willing to upgrade within Bluehost.

They make it very easy for all of their customers to get access to VPS accounts and dedicated servers. Just let one of the representatives know your stats and tell them your specific needs and they will be able to set you up with the perfect hosting plan based on your current needs.

Depending on how big you’ve grown your website, you can probably move on to VPS hosting to start. But if you’ve waited a while and your audience is now huge, running your hosting on a dedicated server might even end up being the better option of the two. So contact a representative at Bluehost and they will help you determine which hosting plan is best to meet your needs.

Bluehost Pricing (With Our Coupon Codes)

At this time, Bluehost currently offers low-cost, powerful hosting packages at affordable prices. The hosting plan prices are as follows (without implementing promo codes):

  • Basic hosting – for Basic hosting, there are currently three payment options. The 12 month option costs $8.99 per month. The 24 month option costs $8.49 per month. And the 36 month version of this plan costs $7.99 per month.
  • Starter hosting – the Starter plan also has three payment options. The 12 month plan costs $7.49 per month. The 24 month plan costs $6.99 per month. And the 36 month plan costs $5.99 per month.
  • Plus hosting – there are three payment options for the Plus plan. The 12 month plan costs $12.99 per month. The 24 month plan costs $11.99 per month. And the 36 month plan costs $10.99 per month.
  • Pro hosting – the Pro hosting prices are as follows: 12 months for $25.99 per month, 24 months for $24.99 per month, and 36 months for $23.99 per month.

As you can see, these hosting plans are very affordable and worth every penny if you’re looking for top-notch hosting with great customer service.

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Bluehost Hosting Cons

As we have discussed earlier, no hosting company is perfect with everything that they do. There are a couple of things that I wish Bluehost would change and make them better. They are as follows:

  • Paid website transfer – unlike the majority of the hosting companies online right now, Bluehost actually charges a $99.99 fee in order to migrate as many as five websites and 20 email accounts to their hosting service. While this certainly isn’t too expensive, it is an additional expense that many hosting companies are no longer charging at this point in time. I really wish Bluehost would drop this additional fee and offer this service for free like so many others.
  • Higher prices – even though the Bluehost pricing structure is very reasonable, it’s currently higher than some comparable online hosting companies. But remember you get what you pay for. The customer service from this company is phenomenal so it’s worth it to spend a little extra per month for peace of mind.


If you can’t already tell, I highly recommend Bluehost hosting services to everyone willing to listen. This company is phenomenal and they’ve continued to do great things over the last 20 years and will hopefully stay on the same path for 20 more. Click here and check them out today, and make sure to implement the discount that we gave at the top of this page.