Do You Need A Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

What is a Content Delivery Network? Do you need one? What are the pros and cons? This is a high-tech topic involving a lot of technical language pertaining to web hosting but we will try to keep jargon to a minimum in this article. Here is what you need to know. CDN or Content Delivery... Read More »

What Is The CDNJS Library?

CDNJS or Content Delivery Network for JavaScript is a CloudFlare library. JavaScript code operates from so many websites; thousands of them. Every time you download something from a site that uses JavaScript, your computer downloads a copy of JavaScript too, which seems redundant, but you don’t think about it. Using a separate system to manage... Read More »

Edge Servers and a Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network or CDN uses Edge Servers or Nodes to store and distribute information around the world-wide web. This is an alternative to traditional servers which possesses many benefits over the technology consumers recognize best. Who are Edge Servers for and what are those benefits? Who Is the Edge for? Without getting technical... Read More »

Try MaxCDN For A Secure Content Delivery Network

CDN or Content Delivery Network is relatively new to the web hosting world; a novel way of delivering internet content from Edge Servers, also known as “nodes,” located around the globe. While some web hosts have been offering it for a long time, most consumers haven’t caught on. A CDN makes content delivery faster and... Read More »

StackPath Marks The Path To Online Security

StackPath, a content delivery┬áservice, was developed in the United States as a means of making web hosting and services work together for better security and performance. A number of experts work together to do something that has not been done before: bring many answers to “enterprise security” together under one web hosting service banner. Customers... Read More »

Incapsula For Faster, Safer Websites

Incapsula sells security and speed for your website, operating for any purpose, be it personal or professional. Protect your reputation and clients from threats of all sizes, new and old. Find out how Incapsula can improve your sense of internet safety and make your site more reliable. Your website could be running more quickly, blocking... Read More »

BootstrapCDN For New Developers

BootstrapCDN is not just for new website developers; any developer can use and will probably like it. BootstrapCDN offers new developers the simplicity of a user-friendly, intuitive framework and is also beloved by seasoned developers. It has become the framework for many oft-use sites and its features favor flexible development needs. This is another Open... Read More »

Amazon CloudFront CDN Services

Amazon’s CloudFront hosting services provide a Content Delivery Network or CDN across the whole globe. Edge Servers are located in 16 spots in the United States, two Canadian cities, 10 Asian cities, 11 European locations, plus more sites in Australia, India, and South America. Edge Servers create fast, reliable web service while Amazon backs this... Read More »

Akamai: Content Delivery Network Leader

Akamai believes that innovation does not let technology take the lead; they bring technology forward by innovating in their field. This field is Content Delivery Network services or CDN as it is commonly known. You might have heard a lot about CDN lately. This is a series of Edge Servers which connect and re-route information... Read More »