Cloud Services

Acquia Cloud Platform Building

When you are on the cloud, it can seem like your foundations are unpredictable. You want the certainty of a partner like Acquia. They offer customers a cloud platform which enables them to build, deliver, and improve customers’ experiences on the web worldwide. Acquia for the Cloud This is for every client, meeting individual needs.... Read More »

Elastic, Fantastic Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is otherwise known by its short nickname: Amazon EC2. This web service from Amazon allows one to change capacity when using the cloud; to “scale” one’s creations using a smooth interface that is simple to use. You will be operating in no time with Amazon EC2. Cloud Control Amazon promises developers... Read More »

MySQL Open Source Tools

The most popular medium for open source data in the world is MySQL. Consumers know it and rely on it. This Oracle-backed service is user-friendly, even for non-techie people. MySQL is used by social media and search engine browsers, so if you don’t know what it is, you have at least seen the result. Oracle... Read More »