Are Domain, URL, And Website All The Same Thing?

Non-techie people use the terms URL, website, and domain interchangeably or sometimes they use “website” to refer to the other two because they’ve never heard of URLs and domains. These are not the same as each other, though each is related. In fact, one builds on the other starting with domain name, then website, then... Read More »

Tips For Speeding Up Your WordPress Site

WordPress is an excellent place to start if you are planning to build a website. Small businesses use WordPress. Big, international companies, news agencies, government departments, and individuals writing blogs for an audience of 300 people each month also use WordPress. WordPress is flexible. There are managed hosting plans and plans where the individual manages... Read More »

Static vs. Dynamic Content

When deciding between web hosting services, it’s helpful to assess the nature of one’s website. Is it a largely static site or mostly dynamic? Most sites are not strictly one or the other; they usually blend the two, but some are more dynamic than others. Static Content This is content that does not change when... Read More »

What Is a Good Uptime % in Hosting?

Online business owners and web entrepreneurs have to think long and hard about the hosting companies that they choose. They need to think about things like web hosting quality, reliability, and uptime guarantees. Why pay such close attention to uptime guarantees? Well, if the hosting provider constantly runs into trouble, this ultimately means that your... Read More »

What is Shared Hosting?

As someone looking to build one or more websites for your personal or business pleasure, you’ll need to know about your hosting options and the amount of money you will have to spend in order to get your website up and running online. Many first time website creators often feel that they need to get... Read More »

ICANN: The Global Community

ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This not-for-profit corporation exists to benefit the worldwide internet-using public in order to ensure security and stability on the worldwide web. There are no guarantees; nothing to completely secure this means of connecting people across the globe to other net users, businesses, and organizations. ICANN,... Read More »

Web Hosting Talk Review

In the hosting world, there is one forum community that makes it easy to find information about the latest hosting news as well as unbiased reviews and tutorials in relation to all things web hosting. As a matter of fact, this humongous forum community currently boasts more than 150,000 posts on more than 2750 threads.... Read More »

How to Select the Best Web Hosting Company

Are you planning to launch your business over the internet or just want to move your existing website to a new host? Choosing the right host isn’t a easy job because the internet is swarming with hosting companies. While it may tempt to sign up with a host that offers free hosting services, there are... Read More »

Benefits of Being an Internet Marketer

The Internet offers unlimited possibilities to those with the right skills and knowledge. A dedicated and properly trained Internet marketer can make a lot of money online by applying the fundamental principles of effective Internet marketing consistently. You simply need to host your website and off you go! The internet has opened up a universe... Read More »

Dedicated Hosting

Right away, a client browsing web hosting plans will notice how much higher the price of dedicated hosting is compared with shared hosting. The difference is huge, but so are the demands of running a dedicated server. There are definitely pros and cons from the client’s point of view and from that of the web... Read More »

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