Virtual Private Servers

Virtually every web hosting firm offers a service called VPS. This refers to a higher level of access to the host’s operating system than the usual, shared hosting program provides. A Virtual Private Server creates a personal copy of this system enabling the owner to install software of various kinds. The idea is to garner... Read More »

How To Build A Website In A Few Easy Steps

There are two ways to create a website: the cheap way and the expensive way. Spend several hundreds or more than a thousand dollars to hire someone to build a unique website to custom specifications and you get exactly what you want without doing more than sharing your vision with the website designer and checking... Read More »

Free Website Building Platforms

Website-building services introduce clients unfamiliar with this skill to experts who put their creativity to good use over the internet in order to create original websites. They sometimes reinvent the wheel in a sense, blending recognized website features with custom elements like animation and unusual graphics. Creative intentions don’t always yield great sites, but templates... Read More »

How To Start A Blog

A blog is a place to share ideas or to encourage a community. It can be a means of earning a bit of cash as an affiliate marketer or a real living. In order to achieve your goals, you should understand the differences between free and hosted sites and learn how to build a blog... Read More »

Who Is WhoisGuard And Where To Get It

Spammers and hackers are hard at work tapping into your internet activities as we speak. You think nothing of your email could be of interest to these people, but they find ways of making it worth something, not to mention the private details of everyone who emails you. One challenge of enticing people to comment... Read More »

What Are Cloud Servers?

A cloud server’s function is much like that of regular server hardware. But on the cloud, clients obtain space and don’t actually hire the services of a physical server. There are particular advantages to choosing a cloud server hosting plan versus a traditional one, however, which we will explore below. First, what is a server... Read More »

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