Back in 2003 a blogging platform got its lowly start. Known as WordPress, few people knew about this simple program or how to use it. In 2003, ownership of personal computers was not as widespread; handheld technology was still in its early stages of development. Most consumers had not even heard of blogging, let alone... Read More »

Managed WordPress

WordPress is a free open source content management system which is accessible to anyone who wants to write a blog or a website. Once this site is created, the creator then needs to arrange for it to be hosted by a web hosting company. The usual tactic is to arrange regular, shared hosting for a... Read More »


A CMS or content management system promotes open source website development. In other words, non-technical individuals who can’t write code are still able to create websites using customizable settings, drag-and-drop tools, and assorted templates. They don’t need to hire code-writing professionals or pay $1,000 for the privilege. Joomla is one such CMS, and an award-winner... Read More »


Linux should be a household name considering its systems are found on almost all household and business computers, but most people don’t know what it is. Linux is a computer operating system (OS), one of the world’s most popular and widely distributed. You will find it in many forms known as Linux Distribution names such... Read More »


Most people who use the computer, regardless of their comfort with the internet, know how to operate Word. They write documents, letters, resumes, recipes, and more using this relatively simple program knowing it can also be used to create complex results even if they don’t use all tools available to them. Weebly is an open-source... Read More »

Free Website Building Platforms

Website-building services introduce clients unfamiliar with this skill to experts who put their creativity to good use over the internet in order to create original websites. They sometimes reinvent the wheel in a sense, blending recognized website features with custom elements like animation and unusual graphics. Creative intentions don’t always yield great sites, but templates... Read More »

Who Uses Drupal CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. There are a few Open Source systems on the internet such as Drupal which the average person can use to build websites or blog sites without having to write computer code. You don’t need any technological understanding although familiarity with a word processor and MS Word documents doesn’t hurt.... Read More »