DDoS Attacks And How To Stop Them

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and represents a means of attacking a network for any one of several reasons. A hacker could be fooling around to find out what he is capable of. He might be engaged in this crime in order to extort money from a company or as an act of... Read More »

Incapsula For Faster, Safer Websites

Incapsula sells security and speed for your website, operating for any purpose, be it personal or professional. Protect your reputation and clients from threats of all sizes, new and old. Find out how Incapsula can improve your sense of internet safety and make your site more reliable. Your website could be running more quickly, blocking... Read More »


There are simply no guarantees once you log onto the internet; no fail safes that will 100% prevent your computer from being hacked. You can take measures to prevent hacking and identity theft, but internet users must always realize they are at risk. The law doesn’t really protect you either, so it’s up to consumers... Read More »


The companies that GlobalSign provides services for include big corporations and media mega-giants that everyone has heard of like the BBC, Ford, HSBC, and Volusion. This worldwide organization runs local offices but also operates on the cloud with the support of more than 300 employees well-versed in the high-tech, high-security skills their clients need. Companies... Read More »

SSL Certificates

SSL is acronym for Secure Sockets Layer, referring to a type of web security. When a website has an SSL Certificate, this means the link between a browser and server is encrypted or coded. SSL is the symbol that consumers look for when they contemplate giving out their personal details, like banking information, over the... Read More »