What Is The CDNJS Library?

CDNJS or Content Delivery Network for JavaScript is a CloudFlare library. JavaScript code operates from so many websites; thousands of them. Every time you download something from a site that uses JavaScript, your computer downloads a copy of JavaScript too, which seems redundant, but you don’t think about it.

Using a separate system to manage JS libraries, however, speeds things up and protects users more effectively. Read below and you’ll see what CloudFlare’s original purpose was. CDNJS seems to match that.

Library Access

With a middle-man or CDNJS working on your side, you’ve got jQuery now and don’t have to download it once more to read JavaScript. Sites load quickly once the downloading part is out of the way. CDNJS was created by Thomas Davis and Ryan Kirkman.

Useful for the Web

A CDN speeds up content delivery by heightening the speed at which information flies. When using a site that features dynamic content such as video, CDN excels where regular systems do not. CDN is supported by Edge Servers or nodes located all over the world.

It’s likely there is one of these closer to the end user than a regular server so content travels faster and is more secure. These nodes can tell when another node is down and content will be re-routed through the closest one.

In other words, downtime is virtually 0%, delivery is more reliable, and security is also easier to ensure. Customers tend to be happier too. While a lot of people don’t have CDN, most people should be using it, especially international businesses with clients worldwide. It’s not as important for small, local businesses or for sites that deal mostly in static content such as images.

What Is Cloudflare?

Their story begins with spam and how to find the source of it. Today they explore new projects and ways to defend people against internet attacks. Cloudflare continues to protect web users and search for ways to improve internet performance.

In fact, the people at Cloudflare want to build “a better internet.” Combined traffic served by Cloudflare exceeds that of Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Bing. Thousands of new customers sign up daily.

What Is GitHub?

Cloudflare talks a lot about Github, a service hosting stored information, but with features and tools of its own. When you start using CDNJS, this term will come up because CDNJS allows you to load a personal library using GitHub.

Besides this feature, many services are available from one spot which users originally would have accessed from multiple places. Using CDNJS tools, you can access libraries faster and find more stuff. It’s faster than Google, sometimes by just a fraction, potentially several times faster. It just depends on the two points between which a query is being sent. If they are far from each other, the difference is really noticeable.

Popular Libraries

Obviously, Cloudflare had JavaScript in mind. As I mentioned above, however, you can also access other libraries. They include CCS and SWF. JavaScript is internet language. Companies use this to enable temporary interaction between a host computer and your program, game, etc. The host doesn’t have to download anything but is able to run JavaScript for free as needed.

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