DDoS Attacks And How To Stop Them

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and represents a means of attacking a network for any one of several reasons. A hacker could be fooling around to find out what he is capable of. He might be engaged in this crime in order to extort money from a company or as an act of terrorism.

It is amazing how much modern infrastructure relies on computers. Several systems are flooded by so much information that a virus slips in unnoticed. Meanwhile, the page cannot be used by legitimate users. Too many requests are made to the service for it to handle any more.

Infrastructure Attack

Often, the objective is to bring down a big player, and it’s surprisingly easy. Banks, government websites, and huge corporations are hamstrung by DDoS attacks, but this also fuels thought and creativity among IT experts who create protective systems against attack.

Robotic Attackers

One form of attack comes from a “bot.” When a website asks you to recognize letters, words, or images so as to prove you are human, they are defending against automated attacks from bots. When these systems are able to infiltrate computer systems, they spread viruses which allow people at the other end to either cause maximum destruction with no other objective or they gain access to personal information.

Preventing Attacks

There are several ways to prevent a DDoS attack and, whatever the cost, prevention is far less expensive than the potential price of succumbing to criminals.

You can install equipment yourself dedicated to protecting your system alone. This filters information coming through the server. These aren’t recommended because of cost and complexity unless your IT crew is constantly maintaining protective technology or your site is a prime terrorist target.

A web host can provide DDoS attack protection. Defenses aren’t bullet-proof, but cost is relatively low. Check out which service providers are staying up-to-date with software in this area.

There are Cloud-based experts, however, who have developed a system with so much bandwidth that an attack would have to be monumental to overload one’s system. This software filters incoming requests for attacks. Experts are busy investigating the newest threats and updating software to protect customers on the Cloud.

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