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DreamHost Web Hosting For 20 Years

How many companies can say they have offered web hosting for the past 20 years? DreamHost can, which is why you might have heard of them. Other firms have come along. Many of them have fallen away. Numerous web hosting companies fail to offer the up time and service customers are looking for, but not DreamHost.

About the Company

They got their start in 1997 where college friends with interest in technology got together and nurtured an idea. Their goal was to help consumers find their online footing and that’s when they founded DreamHost. Now they register domains, host websites, supply cloud services, and offer a structure to thousands of people.

These include web designers, content writers and artists, website developers, small companies, and one-man operations. Now their clientele numbers more than 400,000 in over 100 countries plus more than a million blogs, websites, and applications.

What DreamHost Provides

Turn to DreamHost to run a website on a shared server. Write your first blog or open an internet store. They also love Open Source: operating systems which enable web users to customize and change programs to make them better. As gold members of the OpenStack Foundation, they provide money, leadership, and supply code for Open Source applications.

DreamHost is into customers in a big way. They offer live support every day, 24 hours a day, using live chat, social media, and email. Rely on real, trained people to be there for you, guiding clients though a WordPress startup or a technical problem. Employees at DreamHost love what they do and the family is growing, so if you love this sort of stuff too, consider joining the team. You can become an employee or an affiliate, serving customers around the world or in your local region.

Services Provided

What does the company offer? That’s easy: DreamHost provides just about every web hosting service imaginable. This includes:

• Domains
• WordPress hosting
• Infrastructure
• Green hosting
• Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
• Dedicated Servers
• Cloud Servers
• Cloud Storage
• MySQL Servers

There is much more too, so check out their extra services and special business traits, particularly their responsible attitude to the environment.

Green Hosting

DreamHost reports that their firm is carbon neutral. Maybe so, maybe not; it’s difficult to be carbon neutral, even with solar power. But DreamHost is making a bigger effort than most. They have measured their potential energy output and come up with a way to be responsible while still be an effective business. Here is how they do it. They figured out the carbon emissions they produce then decided to conserve that much energy, but do so in part by investing in green projects elsewhere to earn green credits. They use products in the office which are made from renewable materials. Servers are more energy-efficient.

DreamHost staff turn off lights, employees cut back on travel, use less paper, and they invest in carbon neutral projects internationally. The office itself does not have the option to use green energy on their own. DreamHost is registered with the United States Green Chamber of Commerce nonetheless.

Domain Names

One of your top priorities is finding a name for your website. Find the right name by first eliminating names which are already taken, which means you might have to think outside of your original box. Discover dozens of extensions apart from .org, .net, and .edu. There are, in fact, more than 350 such extensions, some of which sound professional and others which suit the occasion or your business really well. Maintain privacy; your personal details are not available to the public when you use DreamHost to help you make a name for yourself.

Hosting Overview

Servers can only cope with so much traffic, and if you are aligned with a server that’s inadequate for expected visits, that will cause website loading time to slow down or cause a crash; that is, potential clients will visit and discover a site that’s down for maintenance.

There are several types of web hosting offered here. Shared hosting is great for very small companies with limited traffic and small budgets, particular people who write blogs or are posting websites for personal events such as weddings. It’s a lot cheaper than dedicated or VPS hosting too.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a quick way to get online with extra support from DreamPress. Virtual Private Servers are almost as good as dedicated hosting, but a little cheaper and fantastic for website developers. Choose the dedicated route for a really busy website such as an e-commerce page that gets a lot of business and many, many visits daily.


Here is something new; a different concept. This is a managed account in which you enjoy five-times faster upload than shared hosting with total support. You put the content on there – graphics and writing – while DreamHost does the rest. It’s all very simple and DreamHost can have you ready to go in minutes. The system is also scaled so that you won’t experience down time caused by sudden, short increases in traffic. The price begins at $16.95 monthly.

Cloud Storage

Store information affordably on the Cloud with the help of DreamHost. They will host your static files, backups, and maintain 24-hour customer accessibility. This service is powered by Open Source, compatible with S3, scalable, reliable, and supported by that all-day, every-day customer service mentioned above.