Free Website Building Platforms

Website-building services introduce clients unfamiliar with this skill to experts who put their creativity to good use over the internet in order to create original websites. They sometimes reinvent the wheel in a sense, blending recognized website features with custom elements like animation and unusual graphics.

Creative intentions don’t always yield great sites, but templates at web-building sites are chosen because they’re easy for web users and potential clients to navigate.

Selecting a Service

The client whose site needs building doesn’t have the time or aptitude for figuring out codes and create original pages. Hiring a professional could cost from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000.

What if you could save that money and build a website without external help or technical understanding? Would you want to try? Many consumers could happily do without the price of this professional service and turn to free website-building platforms.

What’s a Free Website-building Platform?

Several sites invite web users to browse their templates and tools, select elements they like, choose a theme, and create a framework for their content. This could be a catalogue plus a shopping page; a baby or wedding journal; or a business profile listing services and locations.

Customers write content and upload pictures. The website building site provides the means to do these things, charging nothing to make a simple open-source program available to the public.

What Part Is Not Free?

Some firms provide a white label option; that is, the service provider’s logo won’t feature anywhere. There are sometimes paid extras which enhance a website. Hosting isn’t free either — your website with its personal URL won’t go live until you sign up for hosting.

Free Website-building Platforms

WordPress is the best-known template-driven website builder but there are lots out there. Jimdo uses programming similar to Word, so it’s easy to transfer regular word processing skills to this alternative medium. A tool bar allows you to adjust the structure, edit content, and find links or add-ons.

Use their SEO features to enhance rankings on Google and follow a template designed precisely for your purpose. Jimdo headings are Personal, Portfolio, Business, and Store. Upload videos and pictures. Select spacing, columns, headings, and sidebars.

Weebly also provides SEO tools and 3rd-party apps are available to expand your site. The basics are all there, sometimes too basic for the grand vision a client has.

Set up a site that’s mobile-ready but also looks good on a PC or laptop screen. Attach big pictures or small ones, arranged the way you would arrange images on a multi-picture frame. Your new website pages are automatically added to the navigation tools as you update the page.


This is a CMS site designed for practical use and not a lot of customization. While the other two are well-suited to creative use of themes and fonts, reviewers say the purpose here is simpler.

Just move your content over and sign up for both website building and hosting. You write; Viviti handles technical stuff. Create an e-commerce page or an informational resource, aesthetics improved by optional backgrounds, sidebars, headings, banners, and more.

Hosting services come with a custom domain name and email and Viviti does not post their logo on your work if you pay the extra cost.

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