The companies that GlobalSign provides services for include big corporations and media mega-giants that everyone has heard of like the BBC, Ford, HSBC, and Volusion. This worldwide organization runs local offices but also operates on the cloud with the support of more than 300 employees well-versed in the high-tech, high-security skills their clients need.

Companies like these and many others don’t just want security; they need it. Customers and staff rely on internet safety.

Globalsign.comWhat Is GlobalSign?

They market themselves as an identity services company whose skills are used to provide security on the premises and in the cloud. They provide both IAM (Identity Access Management) and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to thousands of customers requiring multiple SSL certificates for their many internet pages and faces.

These are companies providing written and visual information, firms providing e-commerce sale, media organizations, and forums supplying a means of interaction with the public. Their public relies on these websites to ensure total security regarding their personal identities, passwords, banking details, and credit card numbers.

Imagine if you were using a banking portal and they didn’t offer SSL? Imagine a firm with so many going concerns, so many portals to manage, but unable to keep it all under control? Something could slip through the cracks.

What’s the Big Deal with SSL?

This is the number one form of certification: Security Sockets Layer. Information exchanged between a browser and a server remains encoded and private, thanks to this system, and thousands of customers trust GlobalSign as their root provider for SSL.

When a company wants to attract clients to its forum or online sales page, it signs up for SSL. The company then posts the symbol (a padlock) on its website to show that it is fully secure against hackers looking for vulnerable shoppers to exploit.

Without this form of protection, websites let their customers and users down although it is the consumer’s purview to check for this symbol as well. SSL is not automatically provided by a web host, so you have to ask for it and pay extra.

The Cost of SSL

GlobalSign deals with clients who handle high volume sales, interactions, and deal with masses of data. Their customers do not need a single SSL certificate; they require several. In fact, there are 25 million certificates issued by this company and the numbers rise daily. Owning so many of them can be a costly proposition.

SSL Management

With so many certificates it can be easy to forget one and as it expires, customers don’t realize the danger they are in. GlobalSign will manage multiple certificates but this also lowers the cost of each one. Customers benefit from volume sales even here, in the cloud, or in the internet ether.

More about GlobalSign Services

While large companies benefit most from the bulk services listed above, small and medium-size organizations also look to GlobalSign for their SSL needs. They supply managed PKI which encodes communication between the public and a computer; document signing, authentication certificates, and more.

Arrange for secure email certification so that email accounts cannot be hacked and used for illegal purposes. Select code signing certification. Large organizations can arrange for time stamping, access control, and mobile control as well as all the services above.

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