What Is a Good Uptime % in Hosting?

Online business owners and web entrepreneurs have to think long and hard about the hosting companies that they choose. They need to think about things like web hosting quality, reliability, and uptime guarantees.

Why pay such close attention to uptime guarantees? Well, if the hosting provider constantly runs into trouble, this ultimately means that your website or websites are going to be offline more often than not. And if your website is not online and available to your customers, you’re going to end up losing money hand over fist. This is obviously something that every business owner and entrepreneur would rather avoid.

The unfortunate potential problem that website owners face is that their site is going to go down for the count and it’s going to happen more than they would like. There is a huge myth going around in the web hosting business that says that companies can achieve 100% uptime all the time and this is a complete fallacy.

Anyone paying attention knows that a web hosting provider will run into problems and experience technical difficulties. It may not happen today or these problems may not even happen tomorrow. As a matter of fact, they may avoid problems for the next six months. But on the 181st day, as an example, something is going to happen and because of these technical difficulties, their customers are going to experience website downtime.

You came here to read about good uptime percentages. So that’s what we are going to tell you about right now.

Web Hosting Companies, Uptime Guarantees & Uptime and Downtime Percentages

The biggest message website owners need to discover today is that hosting companies are far from perfect. They can rant and rave and claim that they have 100% uptimes at all times, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s impossible to avoid problems 100% of the time, so even though they may have excellent uptimes, they aren’t going to be perfect and your website is going to go down every so often.

As far as uptime percentages go, there is a huge difference between 99.8% uptime versus 99.9% uptime.

Spread out over a year, a 99.8% uptime actually equates to 17 hours and 30 minutes of website downtime. Now we’ll flip it around for a second. Over the course of a year, a 99.9% uptime actually equates to 8 hours and 45 minutes of downtime.

Do you see the huge difference? The 1/10th of a percent actually doubles the amount of downtime that your website will experience. So, the ultimate moral of the story is that you should find a website hosting provider that has as little downtime as possible. Shoot for 99.9% uptime since it’s the option that will have your website offline the least.

Is 100% Uptime a Myth?

Yes it is. We’ve mentioned it before and will say it again. It’s impossible for hosting services to never experience a problem. Something is going to happen that creates a technical difficulty that causes their servers to go down. It’s inevitable.


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