GreenGeeks Coupon Codes

Add the word “green” to any company name and instantly you are pitching advertising at a particular consumer; a specific market. This is the environmentally compassionate audience or the smart business owner who realizes that a green image sells.

You could be selling anything or nothing, but add a link to your environmentally friendly accolades and customers want to know more about you. Maybe you should be obtaining web hosting services from GreenGeeks. We are going to give you the absolute best promo codes for GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks.comGetting to know GreenGeeks

It’s obvious, isn’t it? These are geeks who love the natural world. They understand the value of being environmentally considerate and are aware of the ways to go about cleaning up the tech world’s act.

As a result, this firm launched back in 2008 promotes itself as the most energy-conscious web host. They restore 3 times the amount of energy they use back to the grid where other people get their energy (utility companies) and they do this by using wind energy. The firm, located in Agoura Hills, California, takes pride in their commitment to a responsible approach.

Worldwide Customer Service

Customers from around the world must agree that this matters because clients come from more than 150 countries, seeking web hosting with 99.9% uptime and support every day, all day. They also make a 30-day guarantee to refund your money if you are not absolutely satisfied with their services. This is about two-thirds what several other firms offer, but companies are not legally obliged to offer money-back guarantees at all, so this is a good start.

Answering Questions at Green Geeks

Clients usually know what they need to a point. They are running e-commerce sites, blogs, or reselling web hosting packages. There are always questions where jargon is many layers deep and computer language isn’t your thing. Is it best to run a shared or VPS site? What about website design? There are plenty of approaches you could take, but where does a person find the answers?

I suggest starting with their “Knowledge Base” and looking up blog articles already posted there. Some of your questions might be answered in mostly ordinary English. Sub-headings refer to resellers, VPS hosting, and more.

If you’re still unsure of what something means, live chat is available. GreenGeeks are social, so contact them at one of their social media sites. Call, write an email, or watch a video tutorial. There are lots of ways to get the information you need; methods which recognize we all learn in different ways.

Reseller Plans at Green Geeks With Coupons

A reseller platform allows one to buy web hosting in order to sell web hosting. This service, available to Canadian and American customers, starts at around $20 monthly and provides up to 200GB SSD web space, 2,000GB bandwidth, and unlimited cPanel accounts.

At those levels, you’re looking at a monthly bill of around $100. GreenGeeks provides 100% White Label hosting, meaning clients can use their own logo on the control panel and forgo mention of GreenGeeks. There are more than 150 apps to offer clients, 99.9% uptime, and a site builder provided free of charge so you can pass this on to other consumers. Of course all of this has coupons available with them.

WordPress Hosting

Customers are concerned about their own internet security, but what about the people who log onto their WordPress site? Should their security matter too? Absolutely! Offering security reinforcements is essential not just to be a considerate individual.

Clients don’t come back if they suspect your site is tainted and they tell other people not to log on either. There goes your business, or the chance to share information you felt was so important there had to be a website dedicated to spreading the word.

GreenGeeks automatically upgrades security and stays informed of the newest challenges or methods of protection. They scan their clients’ defenses in real time regularly and prevent attacks by securing potential vulnerabilities. Your account is isolated too, so problems with another account won’t affect you.

GreenGeeks supplies DDoS and Brute Force protection for their WordPress clients as well as amazing loading speed, encouraging people on the internet to engage with your site. Poor loading speed knocks a site back to the third page or farther of a Google search like nothing else.

Speed is maintained by providing multiple data centers, including a Canadian network, plus excellent hardware. Secure unlimited space and data transfer, 1-click installation, WordPress migration at no extra charge, and domain registration or transfer for free. You’ll enjoy fast storage and fantastic security for about $4 per month on sale.

Web Hosting

If your budget and your business are still small, there’s room to grow with GreenGeeks. But start where you are with low start-up web hosting costs. GreenGeeks supplies free tools to build your site and many of the features listed above.

Utilize POP3 or IMAP email accounts and take advantage of tools for marketing and SEO at no extra charge. Obtain access to more than 150 applications and install them with a single click. That includes integration of Google apps.

A rather long and impressive chart of features shows how flexible these packages are. Transfer data quickly. Park as many domains and sub-domains as you want. Use MySQL databases. Access free site migration, a CGI library, and anonymous FTB. Email accounts are protected from spam. GreenGeeks uses Linux which is preferred by most web hosts and their customers.

Affiliates & Green Geeks Coupon Codes

Promoting web hosting could become a lucrative money spinner if you have already uploaded your own website such as a tech-related WordPress blog. Use this page to tell people about GreenGeeks and earn money as an affiliate. Everyone in the business world needs a web host, so there is a lot of potential here for a skilled sales person.

Make sure that you implement our discount for GreenGeeks before you checkout.