A Hive is like a city, a hub; a central place where all the important and fun stuff happens. It is a place of innovation, creativity, and society. Hivelocity has been trying to emulate the best characteristics of such a center in the microcosm of a business setting since they first got their start in 2002.

Early Days of Hivelocity

More than a decade ago, a small group of men got together to create a web hosting company. They hoped to “simplify” the business in their own words, suggesting it was all too complicated back then. Their servers were in a basement but have since emerged into the light of day.

Goal of Hivelocity

Goals change when you achieve them. Today, it’s the aim of these professionals to enable customers to succeed. Early on the men realized that successful customers were the foundation for their own success. This objective led to substantial growth and the need for additional technology; more servers, essentially. No longer a basement startup, Hivelocity lives large at their Florida headquarters.

Tampa Center

Today, premises cover 30,000 square feet and contain the most up-to-date electronics you can imagine. They offer dedicated hosting, co-location for other companies to run hosting services, and feature Cloud hosting plans.

Their clients come from more than 100 countries worldwide. Eventually, they will have to add more servers as demand grows. Most reviews are positive, usually 4 or 5 out of 5 stars, although Hivelocity fails to make it to the top ten, but they also reach a niche market.

This privately-owned firm employs about 50 people of exceptional skill. Their center is compliant to PCI, SSAE-16, and HIPAA standards. Their co-location clients are offered constant, private access to their part of the facility where their equipment is fully secured.

Building a Server

This is where Hivelocity is different from other web hosting companies. They supply servers that are ready to go but also custom options so co-location clients can be ready in a day. Here’s a shopping list to peruse:

• Private LAN for IPMI & Power Management
• Cloud DNS Management Interface
• IPv6 Support
• 10 GB Cloud Storage

Uptime is nearly 100%; bandwidth reporting is supplied. There are numerous technical features that one who is serious about web hosting will understand.

Dedicated Servers

Hivelocity outlines some benefits of a dedicated service. Their performance is entirely directed towards the client’s needs without distraction or risk from other sites. With shared systems, another company’s site might explode with interest and cause the server to crash or slow down.

When nothing is standing in your way, a dedicated web hosting plan is virtually guaranteed to be up all the time. You, the owner, have total control too, although managed services are available. As a co-location customer, you can customize a server to personal specifications. As a subscriber, you simply don’t have to share.

After all, you pay more for the service, so why split the benefits? Besides, shared hosting isn’t quite so secure. There are certain regulations to protect everyone, but dedicated servers simply cannot be beaten for security and are always chosen by very large companies or organizations storing masses of personal information.

Scale the Clouds

While it seems incorrect to suggest that the Cloud could be divvied up, take a look at what Hivelocity is offering. A single tenant subscription is available and will provide much the same benefits as a tangible, solid, dedicated server.

Customize by working with engineers at the company. They are personable, but also technically astute and talented. If you don’t know what you need or want, they can also give you advice. Features of Private Cloud Hosting include OpenStack, VMWare, and Microsoft.

Data Migration Services

Data migration from another host is free if these are qualifying systems (call for more information). Otherwise, they charge a small fee. Migrate cPanel. Prevent attacks from inside and outside the system with a new Firewall by Juniper.

Restore data quickly from 24 hours prior. Balance traffic and data storage between servers with Load Balancing management. Run a business and take money online with confidence, installing SSL and certifying a site for the good of clients and your own peace of mind.

Knowledge Base

A section at Hivelocity’s website known as “Knowledge Base” directs readers to articles which, the company hopes, will answer questions and satisfy curiosity. Topics are broken up into headings like Domain Admin, IP tables, Name Servers, and MySQL. Learn more before choosing a subscription.