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HostRocket For Your Web Hosting Needs

A good place to start when searching for a web host is the “About Us” section which should provide essential information. If this section is lean, perhaps you are looking at a reseller or a fly-by-night kind of organization.

Think about it: most reliable firms stand behind what they sell and are willing to add that personal touch to convince you of their legitimacy. The HostRocket bio is reassuringly extensive, as are their services, but they seem pricey to me.

They guarantee 99.5% uptime, a fractionally smaller amount than most firms, so either HostRocket needs to upgrade technology or the other companies aren’t being realistic in their claims. Uptime of 99.5% versus 99.9% is a difference of just a few hours during the year to potential loss of almost 2 days, although customers will barely notice if these are spread out over the year a few hours or minutes at a time.

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HostRocket.comHostRocket Information

HostRocket believes they are changing this industry with their customer service standards and transparency. The firm found its footing in 1999 and continues to grow.

Based in Clifton Park, New York, they host tends of thousands of high-profile websites run by clients with assorted needs. This huge web-hosting business is owned privately and runs a subsidiary supplying dedicated hosting. Their clients include resellers, online retailers, and more, all of them looking for reliable managed hosting.

Contact the company by email. Use live chat to discuss questions or concerns. Customer service agents are at work every day, 24 hours a day, so you will never be left in the lurch as the owner of a multi-million-dollar company or a small-time blog. Engineers also labor behind the scenes to keep technology up to date and running smoothly.

Long-term Plan

Customers sometimes wonder if a firm will really be there in 12 months or if their own websites and companies will outlast their web host. HostRocket assures potential clients that they are both debt-free and profitable — still growing, in fact — and plans to continue doing so. Investors don’t run HostRocket: private management is in control. Give them a call or shoot them an email if you are thinking of starting a website or transferring from another host.

HostRocket Shared Web Hosting With Coupon Codes

Let’s start here, with their line of shared-hosting packages. This is an ideal starting point for very small businesses or individuals running personal websites such as bloggers or professors hosting forums for their students.

Monthly rates for shared servers are far less expensive than dedicated hosting. Select plans organized on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Longer terms provide the best value, but short-term hosting gives consumers a chance to test the service provider.

SSD 5 GB RAID storage with 200 GB bandwidth and a free domain name are the basics, but you can upgrade to 20 GB SSD RAID Storage with 300 GB bandwidth or 40 GB and 400 GB, respectively. Additional services include a dedicated IP address, SSL certification, domain registration or transfer, and remote backup.

It’s useful to compare web host plans because I see some things listed above which are included in other host packages but considered “extras” here. Is that because HostRocket charges less for the plan or are there other features which justify the additional cost? I suspect a number of plans look cheaper elsewhere because of sign-up discounts which eventually give way to full-cost monthly packages and which only include certain features for a period of time.

Read the small print carefully and read reviews which will back up or undermine claims regarding uptime or customer service for each of the various top hosting firms. There are no sale gimmicks here, so that could be why pricing appears higher.

Reseller VPS

Earn a living providing web hosting by purchasing reseller VPS from HostRocket. Their DotBlock cloud VPS costs from $9.95 monthly and creates a user-friendly way to become your own boss. The cloud produces a limitless yet reliable foundation.

Reseller VPS cPanel licensing costs $14.95 monthly and provides a simple interface enabling the client to create email accounts, upload websites, manage pages, create backup and protection, and read statistics. Name your server and change the cPanel log for your own logo so as to eliminate all traces of other brands.

Domains Demands

Check the availability of a domain and register or transfer a domain with HostRocket. They list prices per extension, the most expensive from their short list being dot-tv. Fees are straightforward whether one is registering for the first time or renewing registration.

Web Design Consultation and Construction

I see no mention of WordPress free site builder here but consumers can organize web design with HostRocket. This would ordinarily be an SEO service, completely separate from hosting, so compare these prices with those offered by your local SEO firm.

At HostRocket, clients can start from the beginning or update and transform an old site. Several plans are available with pricing from $699 and up. Professionals will consult with clients about design preferences, their audience and goals, plus content specifications.

For $1,999, arrange to have 10 pages designed by a professional. The e-commerce Starter package costs $999 while the Custom e-commerce plan is priced $2,999 featuring 10 designed pages suitable for online retail transactions. Get a free quote and view HostRocket’s portfolio to find out what they have already achieved for their clients so far.

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