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Back in 2010, a team of business people had the goal of altering the face of web hosting as it was seen at the time. They believed in learning from mistakes that had already been made, especially in the areas of customer support and service.

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Hostwinds.comA New Approach to Hosting

Instead of throwing their lot in with the other firms already offering low prices for identical products, they decided to do something different, but not to follow the model of high prices for great service either.

Hostwinds seeks middle ground: great products and services with customers at the center of what they do and reasonable monthly fees. Expect Hostwinds to treat you respectfully and to always be transparent about what they do.

They even promise that all problems or queries will be resolved with 48 hours. Email their CEO directly if customer agents do not live up to that promise.

Hostwinds Data Center

Servers for Hostwinds are set up in Dallas, TX, within the first technology market center worldwide. Known as Infomart, this is a huge building with power backed by by generators which ensure 99.9% uptime.

An assortment of technical safety systems also protects servers and your data. Even though Texas is considered a hot state, their datacenter remains cool, thanks to four Trane Chillers weighing 500 tons each, air handling units, ice storage tanks, and lots of capacity for chilled water.

Heavy security includes armed guards to protect your information and your uptime and guests must check in at the gate. The company itself is based in Tulsa, OK, where professionals form a kind of corporate family. Their website even encourages consumers to meet “family” members individually.

Hostwinds Hosting Services With Promo Codes

Take advantage of one of four basic types of hosting. There is shared, business, reseller, or white label hosting. When you share a server, there are potentially hundreds of other people relying on that server to stay up and handle the data everyone is creating.

Experts recommend the shared format for people with limited needs: individuals posting short-term sites for year-long community projects with light traffic and limited storage requirements; small businesses which don’t expect a huge volume of traffic and won’t be uploading a lot of content; those sorts of clients.

Business clients with more advanced needs tend to prefer the next step or better. This could be either VPS or dedicated hosting. While shared hosting really limits how much bandwidth and data space is available, with VPS those boundaries are expanded.

You share a server but with fewer clients. All of you run companies expecting moderate to heavy traffic, but nothing like Ebay or Sears with their huge volumes of online orders and customer interaction. Consumers have access to Linux and Windows.

Dedicated hosting means there is one client per server. This system is the only way to go for some of the world’s largest online businesses or platforms which are going to be crazily busy for the duration of web hosting. Hostwinds has it all set up so you can start broadcasting your website live within the hour.

Resellers are literally buying web hosting to turn around and sell hosting to other clients. That’s why their monthly fees are so much bigger than those of shared or business clients.

White Label hosting is the same thing, but Hostwinds’ logo is not featured on any of your dealings with clients. As far as they are concerned, your reseller company starts and ends with you.

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More Services – All Available With A Discount

Existing clients have access to SSL Certification which demonstrates to viewers that a site is protected against hacking by spammers. The domain search, transfer, renewal, and domain name registration are all available Hostwinds services.

Find out more about advanced protective programs and plans. Discover what it means to enjoy faster server speeds with Windspeed, a Hostwinds proprietary feature.

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