How To Build A Website In A Few Easy Steps

There are two ways to create a website: the cheap way and the expensive way. Spend several hundreds or more than a thousand dollars to hire someone to build a unique website to custom specifications and you get exactly what you want without doing more than sharing your vision with the website designer and checking the results.

You might have to add content unless you also hire a team to complete writing and handle uploads. The cheaper way is to build your website using templates and tools found on open source sites like Weebly, Joomla, and WordPress.

Cost-free Content

There is no cost for building the page; hosting is where you start to see dollar signs. While you lack the chance to be really original with a website building service, saving cash is a welcome feature and your site is sure to conform to user-friendly models.

Build your Own Website

Even if you hire someone to create you a web page or series of pages for your company, you have to go over designs and goals, approve drafts or change things, possibly write stuff and create content once the site is built if your firm is small and there isn’t a team prepared to carry out that work or you prefer not to outsource content management.

In a way it is hardly worthwhile tackling the task this way. You might as well do it on your own when there is no cost involved anyway and you can add plug-ins, videos, pictures, comment boxes, and more.

Anyone with a modicum of Word experience is able to highlight stuff, drag and drop, read instructions, and so on. Help is available from their online knowledge base but also forums in which IT and SEO experts from around the world provide their wisdom to the new site builder, free of charge.

The templates on offer are typically user-friendly and well received by search engines. You get to pick a theme which organizes the page in a certain way making visuals more prominent or streamlining the effect.

Sites offer font and color selection, borders, dividers, side bars, headings, and sometimes pages organized for e-commerce. This latter service is a bit specialized and might include an extra cost for website building unless it comes as part of the package from your website hosting provider.

Template Effect

Log on to one of the most popular website building pages like WordPress. As you approach the prospect of building a site, it’s natural to worry about there being enough support, but instructions are provided along the way.

Click a button to release a function such as adding a picture and then a caption. WordPress is the most popular website building tool the world over because it is so simple to use. Anyone can build a blog from WordPress without knowing code; even huge corporations choose WordPress.

Their templates reflect certain themes, tones, or goals. Maintain a sober effect; choose a livelier theme; or make this a very business-like site.

Use the website building tool in order to promote a business, sell stuff online, or to highlight a social issue. Engage students from your University physics class via forum and live chat.

Share pictures and stories of a baby’s first year on a personal blog. WordPress and other website builders group themes according to your purpose, making it easier to choose one.

The creation of blogs is a popular reason to turn to WordPress, blogs with a finite audience and a personal agenda. Such pages don’t usually earn money unless you turn around and host backlinks or ads, something you can do if the site is hosted independently.

Cost of Hosting

Although the website you build is free and can go online right away, it’s not really your own. It becomes a sub-domain of the company that let you build it.

That means WordPress, Weebly, or Joomla is in charge of content and can do what they want with it or tell you not to post PPC ads, etc. Your website name isn’t snappy either but long and unwieldy. It lacks the professional flare better represented with your business name with a dot-org at the end of it.

Look into website hosting; there are dozens of companies supplying shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. Basic plans for a single domain name with one or two email accounts and limited bandwidth/traffic/storage expectations start at around $4 per month.

That’s nothing. You can increase the amount to $7 or more per month if you need more storage space or anticipate growth. These moderate packages are good for mid-level companies or small firms with big plans to grow soon. Really large corporations choose either top-level shared hosting or dedicated hosting, but dedicated hosting costs more than $100 monthly.

When a web host says your plan comes with a free WordPress website building tool, that shouldn’t be a selling point. WordPress would not have charged you to create your page anyway. The web host just loves to mention anything about your package that’s free; it makes them look good.

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