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Here are the latest IdeaHost coupons, promo codes and discounts for 2016:

25% Off Hosting Plus Free Domain

IdeaHost Web Hosting, TX

The company IdeaHost appears to be situated in Texas, although they provide no address or biographical information. That could be one reason they don’t feature among major review pages describing web hosting companies. I imagine they are resellers too, which would be the other reason. Don’t quote me, but I just have a feeling and it’s based on the limited website with its limited services.

Features of IdeaHost Web Hosting Services

The firm has a sale going on now for what could be their only web hosting package or the smallest of two or three; you will not know until typing in a domain name or registering a domain name. By the way, that first domain name is free with several free sub-domains as well. It is safe to make another assumption: these are shared hosting services.

IdeaHost highlights their free domain, free email address, free website builder, and other services, but these are pretty much standard in the field. You will usually get all of this and more including $100 each Google and Yahoo/Bing Ad coupons. These will go a long way towards helping you to market your page.

Ad coupons are internet-based discounts, not real pieces of paper, and you use them towards the cost of a Pay-Per-Click Advertisement. This is the sort of ad SEO experts advise their clients post on suitable websites to promote a product. Every time someone clicks on the ad, whether they buy something or not, the company that posted the ad is charged a certain amount. That $100 on each site will get eaten up quickly, but this is a good start.

ideahost.comIdeaHost Metered

Packages supply unmetered storage space, meaning you do not pay more or less for however much data storage you require. Bandwidth is not metered either; that is, the amount of data-transfer your site can manage at one time.

Enjoy as many MySQL Databases as you like. This is the top open source administration system. Receive a free email address and cPanel controls, the most sensible and user-friendly sort. Customers have access to email forwarding, spam filters, autoresponders, and more.

Market Your Web Page

Let IdeaHost help you market the website you are running to promote your business or offer internet sales. The Adwords credits above go part of the way. It also enhances your opportunities to be able to incorporate an online store into your page if you wish to sell online. IdeaHost will supply more ideas and guides if you wish. Create online shopping which accepts credit cards and PayPal.

Build a Website

Remember MySQL? That open source platform provides access to a huge number of templates to help you build a beautiful web page, one that suits your business. As you know, some themes seem to work better than others to evoke a feeling or promote a theme. With various tools, you can turn an Open Source page (WordPress is an example) into a blog, a sales site, or any sort of business page.

Find templates, drag appealing features into place, and drop them. Set up a slide show, display photos, invite customers to comment or click on “live chat,” and more. Any number of add-ons and plug-ins are also available, new ones arriving daily, which are available for an extra cost.

Customer Support from IdeaHost

As far as they are concerned, customer support at IdeaHost is excellent, but you can’t tell for sure unless help is needed. Then there is 24/7 chat, email, and a phone line to try. They answer calls in 2 minutes or less if one is to believe claims on the site. If you do not wish to wait for customer support or would like to try and figure out the answer to a problem on your own, follow tutorials on the page which lay out the answer in a stepwise fashion.

Affiliate Marketing

Like so many web-based companies, IdeaHost offers consumers a chance to earn some money by marketing their services to other web users. Sign up to become an affiliate marketer and the money you earn is yours, not just credit towards their website hosting costs. Packages start at under $3 on sale at the moment, but expect them to rise after the initial month of hosting.

Affiliate marketers do not handle customer service. They don’t do anything technical. An affiliate merely spreads the word about a company and posts coupon codes on sites like customer review pages and blogs related to web hosting FAQ and other relevant topics.