Incapsula For Faster, Safer Websites

Incapsula sells security and speed for your website, operating for any purpose, be it personal or professional. Protect your reputation and clients from threats of all sizes, new and old.

Find out how Incapsula can improve your sense of internet safety and make your site more reliable. Your website could be running more quickly, blocking more threats, and could be compliant with more regulations around the world if you apply their products.

Find what it means to block 370,000 threats every minute and to process 11M requests every minute of every day. Learn how to speed up your website, keep threats at bay, and make your users happy. Simplify the system from your end too with Incapsula.


Obtain a Web Application Firewall, one of several products. This protects against attacks so you don’t suffer downtime or lose customer loyalty and trust due to identity theft. Enforce protocols to secure your site and ensure access is always authorized. Incapsula will not allow impostors to slip through the net.

Their WAF service includes 24/7 support, supplies better than 99.9% uptime, and is managed by experts in web security. Their Web Application Firewall is PCI-certified Level 1. Threats detected and blocked include the world’s top 10. You don’t need to install software or hardware to enjoy top security.


Safeguard your website with a Content Delivery Network from Incapsula. Their network is located worldwide, on 5 continents. CDN reduces downtime and increases speed, particularly when content is dynamic like videos and games.

Customers find their loading speed is at least 50% faster on average with a self-healing network that is both reliable and flexible. A Content Delivery Network naturally experiences less downtime, thanks to the proliferation of Edge Servers available to handle load balancing and to pick up the slack if a server fails.

CDN customers receive IPv6 support at no extra charge, automatically upgrading all accounts too and dual-stacking with IPv4 as necessary. Customers also receive free support for HTTP and HTTP 2.

DDoS Defense

Numerous organizations entrust their DDoS to Incapsula’s seven layers of protection. Incapsula covers numerous service types such as SMTP and FTP, always defended by service and security professionals working twenty-four hours a day, every day.

Their system automatically notices and prevents threats using WAF and other layers of security. Reduced downtime adds a layer of protection as well; just one advantage of a CDN. Infrastructure protection can be arranged for C class networks or can be prepared for always-on service; this is customizable to your specific needs.

Name Server Protection

NSP protects client servers against targeted and network-based threats like Slowloris, UDP floods, and more. Handle huge-scale attacks or wandering short-term threats. Incapsula keeps up-to-date with the latest threats so they are prepared to guard their clients against them.

This company also works collaboratively, gaining information from the web community in order to discover and implement new methods of protection and identify the most recent threats.

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