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Real Humans At InMotion Hosting

The introduction to InMotion Hosting is wonderful: Humans! We’ve got ’em. Reading between the lines, a lot of hosting companies don’t supply real help; warm bodies to answer the questions of real people, their customers.

Questions are all answered via email ticket, no phone calls or live chat. Technological experts don’t know how to talk to people in a way they can understand. Sound familiar? InMotion hopes to change the way you perceive web hosts.

Tech Backed by Talent

InMotion Hosting gives more credit to employees than to tools, even though their technology is excellent. On average, each associate brings with him or her 4 years of experience in the web hosting business. Even if that’s true, they still train in-house so that employees are aware of how they do things at InMotion, not at the competition.

Members of the support team don’t deal with customers before they have received 160 or more hours of training by InMotion in a variety of areas such as email communication. Management is trained even more extensively with about 10 years of hosting experience under their belts.

Morale is high. InMotion does their best to supply team building, socializing opportunities between staff. They often involve food, but overall these events make people feel valued and create a happy environment. Happy staff are nice to clients. This staff works in either Virginia Beach, VA, or Los Angeles, CA. The firm is sometimes hiring, so check them out if you’re living in or thinking of living in the area.

About InMotion Hosting

Moving on to the technology at InMotion, they supply reliable Linux/Unix-based operations. These are not only reliable, but speedy and the company keeps an eye on their systems constantly. There’s no chink in the armor. Consequently, teams can respond to threats immediately, and there are always threats. That’s why you need a professional web host.

Being alert also allows the team to keep their system ready to grow with clients’ needs and to add new tech as software is written or to change their approach to malware when they need to. As a result, they believe InMotion is ahead of the game, outperforming others in the business with excellent uptime, loading speed, and pricing.

Data Centers

InMotion uses redundant servers which means they have backup. If one server fails, it’s like having a generator to make sure there’s still electricity during a power outage. Recent investment has improved their data centers too making them ready for severe weather and technological threats.

Upgraded routers and real security from actual armed guards increase the safety you will feel using InMotion Hosting as your provider. This team is very interested in technology; it’s what they love, so don’t be surprised to see more updates and adjustments made available regularly.

InMotion invests in their data centers so they are compliant and safe. Their DDoS system protection and PCI compliance encourages e-commerce clients to have InMotion as their web host. With credentials like these, customers are switching to InMotion every single day.

Support that Wins Awards

Experience, as they portray it at InMotion, involves some breaking and some fixing. They’ve done both many times and that’s the way you learn. Sometimes you learn more by breaking something than you could have ever imagined.

Years of learning in this style have created staff that knows their job and hosting technology inside and out. These real people have a love affair with the web, but they also care about customers. They’ve even won awards for customer service which proves as much.

Every day they prepare for the phone to ring or for email alerts to tell them someone has a question; that’s 365 days, no breaks for Christmas and Halloween parties. This is where you get in touch about the 90-day money-back guarantee if you happen to need it, though chances are that you won’t. Check out their rating from the Better Business Bureau for more insight.

Open to Open Source

If you haven’t heard about it, Open Source is programming the public can affect. WordPress, Joomla, and other template-based websites are Open Source with contributions made constantly by enthusiastic consumers who know a thing or two about software.

InMotion stands behind these website development methods because they know how easy it is for their customers to get online when they don’t have to know coding to build a site. Open Source makes the internet accessible to people who don’t even like computers.