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Here are the latest iPage Website Hosting coupon codes, discounts and promos available for 2016 to help you save:

Save 83% On Your Hosting Plan at iPage

Set Up Your Web Page With IPage

Whether it is a blog page dedicated to a subject of importance in your life or a website you want to set up, iPage can host your site so that you have control over content. Many people think that WordPress and other open source sites are free, and they are in the financial sense; however, you do not have total freedom over content unless you pay for web hosting.

That is why so many people would rather pay a few dollars monthly. This enables them to control content fully and to accept only links to businesses or other sites which are meaningful to them, if at all. There are many other benefits too.

Simple and Quick Website Hosting

At iPage, they encourage clients to “get a website that works” and they promise it doesn’t take much. You personally need zero experience; they look after that part. iPage will supply all the tools at the click of a button; your job is to use them to create a good impression.

Let them help you encourage more visitors to your blog, retail site, or business page and they even throw in one domain name for free. The lowest possible price is $1.99 per month, on sale.

Designing a Page

Have you ever wondered how the experts create a website? If their coding expertise leaves you daunted, forget about the technical stuff. There are many, many templates which can make an ordinary, non-technical person feel like a computer whiz. Select from many free website tools and also browse extras for sale like plug-ins which expand the reach of your site.


An online store needs to feel safe for a customer to share any kind of financial details. Let iPage help with that. They can assist you in setting up an online presence that is secure from hacking, with constant scanning for malware that could be used for identity theft or virtual vandalism. Security starts with a protected data center but continues into special programs that check for trouble at every turn.

More Tools

You want to bring people to visit your page, but how do you get them there? Apply marketing tools, engage analytics, and talk to the experts at iPage. They can offer advice about how to utilize Google Adwords effectively and even supply a $100 Google Adwords credit plus $100 towards Bing marketing.

Customer Service

Phone or connect to live chat; there is always someone around to help iPage customers. That means every day, all day, someone is ready with knowledge and ideas; prepared to back up their customers whenever required. The website for iPage also posts a number of videos showing how to do some simple things customers might be able to work out with the help of some visual prompts.

Hosting Options With Coupon Codes

VPS, Dedicated, and Essential Hosting are all on the menu. What is Essential Hosting? This is the website-creator mentioned above with all of those freebies and templates. Customers build all kinds of pages here to sell things and share information, thanks to support from an award-winning team. Use Weebly free of charge, upload files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), create a store, business site, or personal blog. WordPress hosting is also available. And all are available with coupon codes for iPage services.

E-commerce with iPage

When you start up an internet retail outlet, you have to be prepared to honor the wishes of customers if they are going to spend money with you. It’s not reasonable to expect someone to share credit card information when you don’t have an SSL certificate. Moreover, a lot of people prefer PayPal, so give them the option. Learn more about SEO and also how to build an attractive, navigable eCommerce page.

Dedicated Hosting (Available With Promo Codes)

There are many very large companies whose websites enjoy regular, frequent traffic and they simply cannot use a shared hosting package. Traffic to their page would place too much pressure on the server with the addition of all the other pages hosted there. The server would crash.

Big companies, with or without an online shopping mode, need dedicated hosting. iPage offers a package with total control over applications; install what you want. Enjoy complete support the whole time and speedy uploading with minimal or no down time.

They use the cloud to maintain a flexible outlook on their options but also as a way to remove barriers to growth. Maybe you simply anticipate being big enough to need this service, and with the cloud there is always more room plus it’s really easy to move items to your new virtual location. Sign up for 2 Cores, 4GB RAM, 500GB Storage, and 5TB of Bandwidth. If you sign up today, enjoy 20% off for a limited time. The usual cost is $149.99 monthly but this will cost you just $119.99. Use your iPage promo code before checkout!

Virtual Private Server

That plan above is iPage’s lowest priced Dedicated plan, so let’s take a look at their top VPS program. Customers pay $79.99 monthly for semi-private hosting. This provides 4 Cores, 8GB of RAM, 120GB Storage, and Bandwidth of 4TB. The cost mentioned here is with 20% off which will climb to $99.99 after the first term.

VPS supplies a user-friendly cPanel, potential access to the root if you want it, great speed but at a lower cost than dedicated servers. VPS is ideal when a firm is in a holding pattern at the mid-level or is growing from small to mid-size in terms of traffic and employee size.

There is obviously a correlation between the number of people working for you and how much internet traffic you can expect to enjoy. Keep tabs and be in control. And make sure that you use our iPage coupon codes before you checkout to save money!