A CMS or content management system promotes open source website development. In other words, non-technical individuals who can’t write code are still able to create websites using customizable settings, drag-and-drop tools, and assorted templates. They don’t need to hire code-writing professionals or pay $1,000 for the privilege.

Joomla is one such CMS, and an award-winner to boot. Joomla has won Best CMS as the top system of its kind in the current market with more than 200,000 users and contributors plus a reputation spanning more than a decade.

Easy to Use

Joomla is simple for almost anyone with a bit of computer know-how to utilize. It’s popular, too, as an alternative to WordPress. Joomla tracks your content and stores it whatever form it takes, whether that’s audio, video, or text.

Clients of Joomla come from all walks including big business and small non-profits, individual bloggers and governments, online retailers and booking agencies, magazines and small companies. Churches, schools, and families use Joomla to operate forums and stay in touch privately, without having to get involved with social media.


If you want to know specifically who is using Joomla, refer to their resume of clients. These include Harvard University, La FolieDouce,, and Citibank. Take a look at the various formats and quality of their results. There are lots of other clients to check out if you go directly to the Joomla website for information and inspiration.

How Long Will It Take to Create a Web Page?

Set aside some time to think about themes and format, about content and graphics you want to include, and your likely audience. Once you know all of that, creating the page should take about an hour. Confident consumers might manage it in under half an hour but those less confident with the internet should allow a little extra.


Your internet marketing budget must take website management into account. Someone has to build a page and fill it with content. If you can find a way to do that without hiring an SEO expert, that’s several dollars remaining to spend elsewhere.

Joomla is designed for easy management by the average person, although support is available. Find out how to use extensions, for example, and create an even more flexible, capable website.


Individuals with some technical background can really make the most out of Joomla. With this Open Source tool, they are able to operate an e-commerce catalogue and shopping site, initiate customer communication, access data reporting, and much more. PHP and MySQL are at its foundations, and it all sounds very technical, but at its core Joomla is a community-based resource which is free to consumers.

More from Joomla

Use the free website to begin creating a web page right away. The world could be reading your blog in under an hour. Their self-hosted website allows you to install Joomla and its extended capabilities using more tools not available to other groups, but this is a paid service.

At Its Core

Features of Joomla include the following basics which enable users to scale sites to their personal needs. Use any one of 64 languages or more than one language on the same site to create an inclusive forum acceptable to viewers around the world.

Support is provided internationally for no fee if you access Joomla forums. Pay attention to automatic updates and use update icons to get the latest features. Another icon is the “Help” button leading to explanations in layman’s terms. Organize information such as data and contacts.

Utilize analytics to find out more about visits to your site. If traffic seems light, consider activating content management to help you tidy up the look of your page. An editor is built in and various layouts are suggested. Consider updating to a better layout according to your particular audience.

Categorize and tag data to make a site more user-friendly. Track versions of content so you know who made changes and when they did it to ease management hassles. Select from a wide range of fonts and themes to personalize a page and appeal to a certain type of reader. Support the tone of writing with a complementary visual style.

Where to Get Joomla

Joomla’s web page can get you started. Web hosts frequently list Joomla in their web hosting packages too. They would be foolish not to: WordPress is big, but Joomla is catching up. Check them out today. Even if you don’t know one end of a computer from the other, it’s now possible to build an internet following inexpensively and compete for the world’s attention.

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