JustCloud Online Back Up Storage Solution For Your PC

I love an apt name, like JustCloud. They only offer 3 plans hosted on the Cloud; no VPS or dedicated hosting. If you’re in the market for shared hosting that is flexible, reliable, and speedy, try the Cloud at JustCloud

justcloud-comWhy JustCloud?

What can they offer you? Well, there are numerous apps for mobile applications like camera backup, document print and share while you’re on the go, and more.

Many apps are free, but there are several paid apps for every conceivable style of device: an iPod, Kindle, Android, etc. Linux, Windows, and other platforms are good to go.

Automatic Backup and Lost-and-Found Tools

They automatically backup your computer at intervals you decide. This applies to music, photos, movies, and documents. More frequent backup could cost more money. Data is secure and private with 265-bit encryption but customers are able to access their files wherever they are using the control panel or on their Smartphones and laptops.

It’s even possible to find your laptop if it’s lost or gets stolen, thanks to a map that pinpoints its location every hour. Just don’t try to play “policeman”; get the real cops involved if it doesn’t turn up at your brother’s house.

Sync and Create

JustCloud can sync several computers at once but you choose which information to sync; it doesn’t have to be everything. Create websites using drag & drop functions from cPanel and share files with others. If this all sounds like too much tech-talk, get in touch with customer service any day, any time via phone, live chat, or email. JustCloud also supplies video tutorials in case you think a little visual nudge is all you need to figure out a small problem or confusion.

Packages from JustCloud

Their usual packages are the Home/Pro for small business or personal needs, Premium, and Ultimate. They range in size from 75 GB of storage to 1 TB and from $5.61 to $8.69. Rates also drop if you commit to several months or a year.

Additional services to those listed above come at extra cost, so check out exactly what you get for free. You could incur a much bigger bill than you think when you want something like hourly backup or a recycle bin. It’s all very transparent, though, so there’s no excuse for being surprised.

Discover services for your location using the drop-down tab for the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, Ireland, and New Zealand. Not much should change. They don’t change the currency on their website, so customers will have to make that conversion.

The Cloud

If you are like many people who cannot wrap their heads around a virtual server, JustCloud would like to explain the system. Watch their video. Read the explanation. Many young people are fluent in “Cloud-speak” but more traditional web users might be somewhat confused. No worries: it’s all there in layman’s terms and the internet backs up JustCloud in this sense with numerous articles explaining how it works.

Who Is JustCloud?

This is a mystery; I don’t know who they are and I love a back story. When there is no human face representing a company I always feel wary. Don’t they stand up for the products they provide? Are they afraid of failing and, thus, keen to hide? Perhaps JustCloud is a reseller; in fact, I’d guess they are. A handful of big companies run the many servers located worldwide.

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