Linux should be a household name considering its systems are found on almost all household and business computers, but most people don’t know what it is. Linux is a computer operating system (OS), one of the world’s most popular and widely distributed. You will find it in many forms known as Linux Distribution names such as Arch Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Fedora, and more.

Types of Linux

Consumers who choose Linux as their computer’s operating system determine the Distribution they like best based on their skills and needs. Certain versions are better suited to computer-literate individuals and others are better for basic computer usage such as sending and receiving emails and writing documents. Since the original Linux has been around for roughly 20 years, there has been a lot of time to adapt and adjust it to changing technology and user requirements.

Where Is Linux?

Much of the internet is run on a Linux system which is why the average person has come into contact with this operating system. It’s used by the stock exchange and chosen by numerous domestic consumers to replace an existing OS. It’s considered one of the safest and most reliable computer operating systems available, made more so by the fact that OS software is often upgraded by savvy members of the public with code-writing skills as soon as they see a problem. Everyone benefits.

Linux.comWhat Is Linux?

The job of Linux is to create a connection between software and hardware. In other words, software is programmed to interact with all systems related to your computer; all the resources found here like word processing, downloading images and music, making movies, and printing.

Linux¬†is “Open Source” software which means it is free software the public can use to create things on the computer. A person with programming experience can check and re-write code for personal use.

Someone without computer knowledge will enjoy its versatility and take full advantage for printing essays or holding a video conference via Skype.

Why Choose Linux?

Most computers do not automatically come with Linux built in. Windows is far more common, an easy system to download and familiar to the average consumer. One problem is that many people believe their Windows program is great when, in fact, it is responsible for a lot of the frustrations and safety issues users might experience; the glitches in word processing functions; the confusion about how things should work.

Internet companies and web hosts prefer Linux because it is reliable and safe. They don’t have to constantly clean their computers of viruses and malware because Linux prevents digital pathogens from getting a foothold.

Regular consumers can download Linux operating systems to their computers, free of charge, even if they have been using Windows or another system such as Chrome, Haiku, or Syllable.

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