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Ready for some quick-fire facts about Liquid Web Hosting? The company was started in 1997 and now, two decades later, they own three data centers with more than 400 staff on-site and tens of thousands of customers in more than 150 nations. Liquid Web Inc. is what is known as a Managed Hosting & Data Center Company and they are based out of Lansing, Michigan.

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LiquidWeb.comLiquid Web Inc.

This private firm is a web host service provider with strong industry presence and an award winner with a track record for growth. In fact, industry watchdogs noted several years of significant growth about a decade after they got started until just recently. That does not mean they have stopped expanding, but maybe now is the time to slow down and take stock.

Dedication to Service

At Liquid Web Inc., they pledge to give customers the best service and products available and they put faces to their promises too. It is difficult not to trust a real person as compared with a faceless corporation. Images on the website show many of their staff members.

Disappointing customers would be tough too after they have seen what staff members look like. Liquid Web refers to customer service as “Heroic Support” and give it their own muscle-bound mascot/logo.

Professional, trained employees are around all year, every day, every hour of the day because customers come from around the world and their working day starts and ends in a staggered fashion.

Expect a quick, polite, and useful response to your questions whether support agents are responding over the internet or the telephone. There are 400 support staff engineers who understand “Server Setup, Database Administration, Advanced Networking, Security, Migrations, System Restoration, and more” according to the website. They don’t just read off of cue cards; these people know their topic and are trained to help customers understand the plan for fixing a problem.

Three Data Centers

Each of these is owned by Liquid Web Inc., not some big conglomerate, so they follow their own rules about respecting the customer and each other. Each data center is built to prevent your site from crashing so they can ensure 100% uptime.

Liquid Web is in control, not some offsite server with an uncertain record. Their Tier-1 Bandwidth providers make it an absolute certainty that connections are quick no matter where a client is in the world or where they are sending messages.

Services from Liquid Web Inc.

Liquid Web Inc. provides the standard assortment of hosting services. These are dedicated servers and add-ons, Storm Cloud servers and add-ons, VPS, shared hosting, and a newly added Managed WordPress service.

Next, employees and engineers at Liquid Web Inc. go beyond the norm with Storage and Backup services, Monitoring, Database Hosting, Software Services, and Security. Each of these and the items above is broken into smaller pieces so you can get a handle on just what you need as a client without paying for more than that.


For instance, SAN stands for a Storage Area Network where you store important information. This will connect to your servers on Gigabit Ethernet so as to regularly transfer data off of your active site without losing any. KVM gives you access to your server “out of band” using Keyboard, Video, and Mouse ports (KVM).

Managed WordPress

Liquid Web looks after every structural and maintenance issue of your WordPress site so you can do what you do best: run a clothing business or a not-for-profit rehab or a seniors’ center. You have access to live chat and phone-contact agents if you need help walking through a template or fixing something on your site.

Their four plans are Personal, Professional, Enterprise, or Agency. With the Personal Plan you pay $89 monthly for total VPS management, as many as 10 sites, no limit to visitors, 100 GB SSD storage, and SSL security/privacy.

Add 10 more sites plus another 50GB of SSD Storage with Professional managed hosting, paying $60 more monthly. At the next rate, for Agency hosting, double both the last figures and pay $229 monthly. A final service, Enterprise, takes all of that into hyper-drive.

WordPress specialists assist customers in developing the architecture of their respective sites. These will load as fast as WordPress sites hosted anywhere else, maybe faster, because Liquid Web is setting the standard.

They augment speed and performance with CentOS 7, Maria DB, PHP/HHVM, Apache, Pagespeed and Memcached. A CSF firewall protects yours and your clients’ privacy from hackers, identity thieves, and other internet vandals.

DDoS Attacks: How to Stop Them

One service available from Liquid Web Inc. which protects your internet safety above and beyond the norm is prevention of DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. These can hurt your reputation, profits, and the amount of time your site spends in maintenance.

With special protection in place, this will not happen to your website. The DDoS Attack Protection system at Liquid Web Inc. spots, handles, and reports threats. In other words, they stop these attacks from happening by monitoring for them and determining where they come from.

Systems track threats in real time before they can get past the point where your website would be vulnerable. Each measure of “scrubbing” is created according to the nature of the attack but doesn’t stop real customers and clients from getting to your page.

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