Lunarpages Coupons

At the time of this writing, Lunarpages is currently one of the oldest and longest lasting web site hosts currently in existence today. Their humble beginnings started in a garage in California back in 1998. But they didn’t stop there, because in 2016 the company currently boasts 150,000 customers at this time and they are currently the hosting provider for some of the biggest companies around the world including Sony, BlackBerry, Cisco, Caesars Entertainment, and Microsoft to name a few.  Today we’ll share our review and even have a few promo codes you can use during the sign-up process.

Lunarpages was originally founded by Ron Riddle who was previously a brick mason and avid fan of Harley-Davidson, and his partner Maximilian Anderson. Now that the hosting service provider is much more established, they have obviously taken their business out of the garage and now have data centers in areas of the United States including Nevada, Arizona, and California.

Pertinent Facts about Lunarpages

Before deciding whether or not you want to sign up with Lunarpages for one of their hosting services, please pay attention to the pertinent facts that we discovered. They include:

  • You’ll receive a free domain when signing up.
  • The registration process is a bit on the lengthy side.
  • CPanel is available, but gain access you have to pay extra for it.
  • Easily install popular applications including Joomla!, WordPress, Softaculous, etc.
  • Quick account activation.
  • Available payment methods include Check, Money Order, PayPal, Credit Card, and Alipay.

Page Load Speeds

Other than uptime percentages, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a hosting company is their page load speeds. If your website loads slow for any reason at all, your customers are going to move on very quickly and find another similar website to look at instead. They do not want to waste time on a website that load slowly because they have better things to do.

With that said, we are happy to tell you that Lunarpages has impeccable page load speeds. As a matter of fact, a recent test showed that when compared to the competition, their page load speeds were 30.6% faster on average. This is an excellent thing to know and it’s important since speed plays a big factor on customer satisfaction as well as search engine rankings too. Google and the other search engines will penalize your website due to slow load times, so this is a definite boost.

Website Uptime

Here’s where we run into a minor hiccup, but in the grand scheme of things I do not feel it is really a huge deal. Average industry uptime is 99.99%. A recent test showed us that Lunarpages’s uptime was a little bit below average at 99.89%.

In all honesty, this 10th of a percent really doesn’t mean all that much in the long run. And when you factor in the faster page load speeds, I feel it’s well worth it to use this hosting company over the competition because of the better search rankings and conversion rates that you’ll experience due to faster load times.

Use the coupon codes provided and save money when signing up.