Managed WordPress

WordPress is a free open source content management system which is accessible to anyone who wants to write a blog or a website. Once this site is created, the creator then needs to arrange for it to be hosted by a web hosting company.

The usual tactic is to arrange regular, shared hosting for a really low monthly rate of around $4 or $5 monthly. Some companies specialize in offering managed WordPress, a more specialized service specifically for these individuals. Why would anyone wish to make this monthly arrangement? Who is best suited to managed WordPress?

Unmanaged WordPress

Communication comes up on your computer every week, maybe every day, letting you know of the latest update for Adobe flash, Google Chrome, Windows, and so on. The web is always being altered and improved to keep up with the latest innovations and also to protect consumers against spam, viruses, and identity theft.

WordPress, like all of these sites, is subject to regular change. A community of code writers continues to improve the site for everyone’s benefit. New widgets and plug-ins are offered. Additional security or new control panel features are offered, all for free, but only if you proactively update your site. A lot of updates are not automatic.

You must also look after security on your own, even if this just means signing up for an SSL certificate and keeping that up-to-date. As for data, you can’t keep it all on the site all the time, not after months of continually adding new recipes, ideas, or products.

Some stuff has to be removed or cached for later. If you don’t look after this, the site slows down or even grinds to a halt. Your data might exceed the limitations of a shared hosting arrangement too. There might be room to grow, but not space to overflow. Without a managed arrangement all of these jobs are yours.

Managed WordPress

Here is where all of your worries disappear. Experts in WordPress handle the day-to-day issues of storage, security, and updates. They take all the hassle out of maintaining a site. All you have to do is write content and upload pictures; communicate with people who leave comments or criticisms.

In other words, if this is your business, you carry on doing what you know best while someone else or a team of other people take care of the technical side of life.

With managed WordPress, you are less likely to struggle with security problems or a slow upload speed. Usually, if you choose the right host, speed is excellent, storage is well looked after, and everything is updated. You also find out which plug-ins to avoid because they might crash the system but there is a catch: you pay more for this service than for regular shared hosting.

Also, some of the features will be out of your control and in the hands of your web host. Mind you, if they are looking after system safety, those could be features you shouldn’t be messing with anyway.

Choose Managed WordPress

Most small companies posting content only don’t need to worry about management. It’s the larger firms with e-commerce and email accounts and a blog that must be concerned about their data and security needs.

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