Try MaxCDN For A Secure Content Delivery Network

CDN or Content Delivery Network is relatively new to the web hosting world; a novel way of delivering internet content from Edge Servers, also known as “nodes,” located around the globe. While some web hosts have been offering it for a long time, most consumers haven’t caught on.

A CDN makes content delivery faster and more secure, reducing downtime and improving service. With CDN, customers experience fewer problems with dynamic content such as video downloads, and web hosting is more flexible if your site is growing unpredictably. MaxCDN fits into this new framework neatly with their global hosting plans.

MaxCDN for Fast, Secure Hosting

At MaxCDN of Los Angeles, they offer built-in WAF (a Web Application Firewall), DDoS (Denial of Service) and standard pricing wherever you are in the world. They do not increase the price if customers live in Shanghai instead of California.

Just saying as much implies that some of their customers have been burned in the past; maybe employees here as well, before they joined MaxCDN. This American firm offers the security and speed of StackPath which also promotes agility if you happen to be a developer. Service is available all day, every day, for both technical clients and the average consumer just trying to run his business online.

All Over the World

MaxCDN has offices across the globe. This enables them to service worldwide customers and also address technical issues with Edge Servers without hiring contract workers. It’s better when the work is done in-house.

SSL Is Easier

At MaxCDN, they don’t mess around with SSL and other security measures. Press a single button and SSL is activated. As you can see above (firewall and DDoS measures) also protect clients from technical geniuses who vandalize the web every day.

Get Reports Right Now

Reporting on customer sites is offered up in real time. Whatever you see relating to speed and bandwidth is happening right now. It’s not a snapshot of yesterday’s or even this morning’s performance. Act on what’s happening in the here and now.

Be Your Own Boss

On other types of servers, tools are generally in the hands of the web host. You have to contact them to change things virtually every time. CDN allows web hosting clients to take control of their networks. They can call support if problems arise, but if they are confident, clients can omit the middle man and make changes or improvements more quickly. If you do happen to need help and post a ticket for service, response is usually less than 5 minutes. You wait longer for an Americano.

No Extras

There are no additional charges for things like SSL Traffic and no contracts. Use MaxCDN for a month and if you aren’t satisfied, there’s no clause saying you’ve got to stay for a year. There are no charges for requests, you can rollover your bandwidth if it is not all used during a billing period, and prices start out affordably too.

Try the Entrepreneur, Professional, or Custom Plan with prices starting at $9 per month. The basic Entrepreneur plan provides two websites and is ideal for a blogger with a small audience requiring just 100 GB of bandwidth each month.

The top plan in this section for $79 monthly is great for a small business startup, offering 1 TB of bandwidth and 5 websites. Receive hi-jack alerts and instant purging, and analytics.

The Wider Vision

MaxCDN aims to create a vision for the entire world in which consumers have access to the internet without obstacles, downtime, or headaches. They think delivery should be faster, more secure, and that clients should have more control. Plans provide clients with controls to fix problems quickly but also automatic fixes they don’t even notice.

Enjoy honest analysis of your system all the time from a firm that believes in customer service and keeping up with the needs of their clients. If you aren’t sure about them yet, some of MaxCDN’s clients include major sites like 9GAG, WPEngine, and StumbleUpon.

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