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2 Months Free At Media Temple

Choose annual billing for 2 free months.

Learn More About Media Temple

Media Temple does not believe they only host websites but that they host ideas – your ideas. Imagine creating what you believe is an amazing page, a dream come to fruition, and you sign up for hosting with a company that sees you as a number.

With other firms, customer service is poor. Uptime is lacking. The infrastructure needs something and there is only limited security. Technology does not keep up with the times, so you decide not to stay with the host. Customers get out of those arrangements the first chance they get, falling right into the welcoming arms of Media Temple.

Almost 20 Years

If you can believe it, Media Temple has been in this business since 1998. That is almost since the beginning of the internet. Media Temple comes from Los Angeles, CA, where technology is very much at home. Their services have changed right along with the world wide web itself and now provides service to 1.5M websites located in 100 countries where there are more than 125,000 clients, individuals and companies. Media Temple is very popular.

Why Media Temple?

Customers regularly comment on the excellent service they receive from Media Temple. This goes for every aspect of the experience, from tech to talking on the phone. Support is available at all times — no breaks for Christmas and Easter.

Chat online, call them on the phone, or send an email. Get help the way that makes most sense to you and is most convenient. In fact, they say that 90% of the time employees are working with and for customers.

They also continue to improve open source opportunities for their clients by adding more features. Reviews suggest this host is best for clients who possess some skills as developers rather than those with no technological skill, but they have won awards for service.

The one thing they could improve is uptime, and since they spend so much time on customer service, perhaps it is not unreasonable to draw just a few percent of those man hours back to the tech side of things.

No one complains about security, though. Even the very basic package provides DDoS and Intrusion Protection. The cost is just $20 per month with no gimmicks. Instead of setting you up for skeletal service, costs include certified WordPress support, 30-day backup and restoration, site staging and cloning, and easy migration.

Shared Web Hosting

The cheapest shared package does not supply an SSL, but you receive certification with either of the other two packages. Receive two months free for signing on for one year of hosting. A month of basic services supplies 30 GB of SSD storage, capacity for 400,000 visitors monthly, and one or two sites.

Make that 500 GB SSD storage, up to 50 sites, 10M visitors each month, 5 Google apps, and malware detection for a maximum of 5 sites when you choose the top shared package costing $240 monthly. A single domain registration is free, of course, but it should be at the prices listed here. Such a price really is on the costly side, even with the storage supplied.

VPS Hosting

Choose managed or self-managed VPS services. There are 8 plans for each starting at $30 or $55 and rising to $1,000 or $1,500 per month with lower costs applied to annual contracts. Select from 2 to 65 GB of RAM, 20 GB or 30 GB to 500 or 600GB of storage, and 2 TB to 8 TB of bandwidth. Select one of 4 operating systems: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Centos.

Website Builder

Although the company is touted as a developer’s friend, lay-people can build simple pages here too. Choose website builder for $10 per month or more. You can even opt for a 10-day trial. Use Virb, a professional tool supplied for creative individuals which enables you to make something amazing the web has wanted to see. Administrate your content and customize the page using themes and styling tools.

Virb themes work on mobile phones and tablets as well as laptops and regular desktop computers. Cloud hosting adds an element of flexibility and safety, enabling site traffic to swell a little or decrease periodically without causing damage to the servers, even temporarily.

Grow permanently and continue to grow; Media Temple plans grow with you. The interface is easy when you give Virb the content and themes. They do it all for you without dragging and dropping words and images; even music.