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Today, I’d like to take some time out of my day to tell you more about an excellent tried-and-true website builder called Moonfruit. This website builder has literally taken the Internet by storm and seemingly came out of nowhere. But it certainly lives up to the hype because people all over the place seem to really appreciate the beautiful website designs that it creates. Plus, they really like how easy it is to use, which certainly makes it that much better for everyone.

MoonFruit Web Hosting Review

First entering the scene back in the early days during the dot com bubble in 2000, this flash-based website builder quickly became one of the most popular ways to create a website online. It was very similar to Wix back in the day, but it now uses HTML 5 technology and as you have probably imagined, they were very successful when they made the switch.

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome benefits that you’ll receive when using Moonfruit as your website builder of choice.

It’s Easy to Use

One of my favorite things about this website builder is that it is very intuitive. The interface is well thought out, which is an excellent bonus because the website creation process becomes fun, easy to do, and simple to repeat if you have to build more than one website over and over.

I personally like this website builder because it supports drag-and-drop editing. With drag-and-drop editing, the user can move things around, add them, remove certain elements of the design, add and remove widgets, and much more. And the best part is that the user does not need to know how to write code even a little bit to make this happen.

Moonfruit, in all of its infinite wisdom, has made everything very simple. It’s a little bit more complicated than other websites like Weebly or Wix, and in my opinion it’s also the better option so your mileage will vary.

The Design Options

I’m also really impressed by Moonfruit because it has fresh and innovative design options built into the website builder. In fact, there are so many templates to choose from that makes it easy for you to find the perfect design. And since it’s so easy to manipulate these templates, you can add or subtract certain functions, mix-and-match, and make the template something new, different, and perfectly suited to meet your needs.

There are many great customization options when you use the Moonfruit website builder. So if you have new ideas or want to develop your own theme, you’ll be able to quickly bring them to life once you start using this website builder often enough to really get the hang of it. Although you should have no fear because the learning curve is small, especially when compared to other options.

Customer Support

Finally, if you ever run into problems when using Moonfruit, there’s an excellent support staff in place ready to lend a helping hand. They also have an extensive FAQ that you can access via the help menu which should be able to answer your pressing questions. If not you can always submit a query and get direct help from the support staff.


I think Moonfruit is an amazing website builder. It’s free, so give it a try and find out just how easy it is today.