MySQL Open Source Tools

The most popular medium for open source data in the world is MySQL. Consumers know it and rely on it. This Oracle-backed service is user-friendly, even for non-techie people. MySQL is used by social media and search engine browsers, so if you don’t know what it is, you have at least seen the result.

mysql-comOracle MySQL Cloud Service

Oracle provides secure cloud service for all MySQL customers at the enterprise level. If your website is integral to a mid- to large-size business, you need enterprise-grade hosting services and the Cloud is ideal.

It’s more flexible than a tangible server and unlikely to break down. Enterprise-grade Oracle MySQL provides automated tools that are easy to use and also the ability to enhance performance by pre-configuring the database to personal specifications. There is lots of security at assorted levels plus backup and recovery built into the system.

Standard MySQL

For firms that are not so big or people running websites for non-business purposes, the lower costs and fewer features of MySQL Standard are preferable. You enjoy lower cost of database ownership, known as TCO. The system is still as reliable as above and easy to use whether you are developing a website or using it at the other end; professional or amateur alike.

Cluster CGE (Carrier Grade Edition)

The great thing about the Cloud, but especially Cluster CGE, is how flexible and scalable it is. When we talk about scalability, that refers to the ability of a server and a hosting program to adjust to your changing needs as the owner of a website. In particular, the site might need more database storage or could experience an upsurge in traffic which is unexpected but which the host can handle when it has room to breathe.

That’s the story with Cluster CGE. Don’t worry too much about unexpected situations that might not even come to pass. Standard features people use all the time are automated such as backups and tuning. Auto-tune according to the way you use the system such as how often you will be online, for how long, and content workload.


Positives abound when you work with MySQL, featured by many other hosts in their packages to customers. One of the best things about MySQL could be the 24/7 service they offer customers. Even experts need help sometimes; their questions just get harder.

Although you can rely on MySQL, problems happen. The company’s aim is 99.999% available delivery. MySQL Cluster doesn’t require intervention if you experience a failure; it heals from the inside by restarting Data Nodes. You don’t have to contact customer service.

What Are Cloud Servers?

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