Nexcess Coupons

Nexcess is a hosting plan provider for customers operating out of Australia, the UK and the United States. The company’s main headquarters is located in Michigan, and they first opened their doors to the public in the year 2000.

Getting a hosting plan from Nexcess is a good idea for a number of reasons. For starters, they have data centers in five strategic locations all around the world. Not only that, this once lowly startup operating out of basements and garages now has 16 years of experience under their belt, they’ve won a few awards, and their performance is considered to be 13 times faster than your standard web hosting service.

Nexcess’s Major Claim to Fame

This web hosting company has one major claim to fame. They proudly let the world know that their overall performance, when compared to other standard web hosting services, is 13 times better than the competition.

What does this mean for you and your online business?

It means that they offer a faster hosting service than the majority of their competitors. It means that your website is going to be faster and easier to navigate. And the additional speed is going to make it easy for your visitors to click through your site and check out all of the different content that you are sharing with them. If you’re selling products and services online – and who isn’t – then you should certainly appreciate this hosting provider because the entire checkout process will go a lot quicker as well due to the additional speed and power.

Is This a Good Hosting Company for E-Commerce Website?

As a matter of fact, Nexcess is possibly the best hosting provider for e-commerce websites. When you host your site and use Magento Storefront, you’ll gain access to additional features to really help speed up the entire process. The additional features include:

  • NGINX-powered server
  • Magento FPC (Full Page Cashe)
  • Varnish + Turpentine

How Is Nexcess in Relation to WordPress Hosting?

As far as WordPress is concerned, this hosting company provides an excellent optimized blog platform package perfectly suited to everybody’s favorite blogging platform. The package is specifically designed preinstalled with the latest most updated version of WordPress, and also has components that are built-in and automatically optimized to help improve your overall website performance.

Nexcess Is Optimized for WordPress, vBulletin, Expression Engine and Magento

The reason why this hosting service is so unique is because it was specifically optimized with performance in mind for all of the platforms mentioned above. As someone looking to have lasting success in the online business world, this hosting provider makes it very easy to create high-quality websites perfectly suitable and optimized for the search engines.

You can take advantage of this platform via shared hosting, or if you have lots of traffic and need additional resources, they can even provide a dedicated server to meet your hosting needs.


Nexcess is a reliable, scalable and robust hosting platform that you can customize quite easily to meet your needs. If you’re looking to dominate the Internet, this is the hosting plan to help get you there.