NGINX: Balancing The Load

NGINX, started in 2002, powers about 50% of the busiest websites in the world. NGINX is open source. Like WordPress, a community of code writers build and change it while a community of people who use but don’t understand the net have access to the tools NGINX produces.

Igor Sysoev established NGINX more than ten years ago, and now thousands of consumers rely on his products NGINX and NGINX Plus which is constantly experiencing updates and upgrades thanks to its open source format.

Choose NGINX Plus

This web hosting product reduces costs for consumers and also makes their lives simpler. NGINX Plus supports the switch of URL and domain routing with more control and efficiency. Consumers are no longer at the mercy of changes in their web traffic levels. The numerous applications of NGINX Plus add flexibility to the industry and support the customer far better than ever.

NGINX Plus works faster. They don’t need as much infrastructure. Web tech is lighter on the ground, meaning less error, fewer breakdowns, and greater reliability. NGINX Plus compresses bandwidth for better cost efficiency too.


This is an all-purpose platform, the most popular open source server worldwide, and also a load balancer. Load balancing is essential when systems experience high traffic or the client wants a flexible host that can scale service. In fact, this might be the flagship service of NGINX Plus.

This product is ready for enterprise with UDP, TCP, and HTTP load balancing. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, the foundation of worldwide message transmission on the internet. TCP is Transmission Control Protocol and UDP is an alternative known as User Datagram Protocol. TCP transmits messages in a specific order with more control. UDP is faster but less reliable.

Operational check-ups take place behind the scenes so you do not have to worry about technical things. A load balancer increases uptime on PC and mobile devices. Local and edge servers (CDN) speed up service too. The web server is efficient and protects apps with customizable controls and authentication tools. NGINX manages and monitors their clients’ systems to ensure they are operating at their highest capacity.

Session Persistence with NGINX Plus

Any time a transaction involves two requests or more, session persistence becomes complicated. In other words, when you are operating e-commerce, this is a potential problem. NGINX Plus Session persistence works with the load balancer to protect these transactions from errors. Even continue a “conversation” when a server is down.

For the Cloud

Tools on Google Cloud are not always up to par with enterprise needs. Applications might not be so easy to control so there is too much infrastructure with management add-ons, not to mention additional costs. Old systems are unwieldy and expensive. NGINX changes all that. Use their system alone or add it to the Cloud while still reducing fees and balancing the load.

Email Support

NGINX email technical support provides reports and answers inquiries about products and documents. Additional services include design, audits, optimization, and more. The NGINX website lists products for AWS and Azure as well as the Google Cloud.

Commercial Support

Commercial support applies to binary and pre-built NGINX but a separate subscription is needed for individual installations. Receive deployment and installation support. The team will correct errors and debug a system.

Receive security notifications although issues are unlikely. Subscribers also receive software and document updates. If you have any questions about documents or anything else, submit a query and they will get back to you within the time they state in your subscription agreement.

Free Trial

All you need to do in order to activate a free 30-day trial of NGINX Plus is to sign up. Give the company your name, email, tell them your company name and country. Get started almost right away. NGINX knows that if you are investing in a new system there is always uncertainty. A free trial is the safest way to investigate this option and to compare it with every other product you might be considering.

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