Pagely Managed WordPress Hosting

The story of Pagely begins a decade ago in 2016. WordPress was good, but a creative team had the idea for a better WordPress. They introduced a managed product to amplify the best qualities of WordPress and the team believes that Pageley has ushered-in a “renaissance in customer and application centric hosting.” Those are big words; does Pageley have the chops to justify them?

What Makes Pagely Different?

Real people, actual experts in WordPress and the web, support customers daily. They are available all hours, no excuses; someone will always happily look after your concerns. It’s what they do, and when WordPress is part of your daily life, questions are sure to surface.

If it seems like you have an in-depth knowledge of WordPress, imagine how much better Pagely employees know WordPress. Information on the website is geared both to the developer and the non-technical person who needs details in layman’s terms.

Leading the Way

Pagely has innovated their way to high regard among web users with their fast systems, scalable hosting plans, and top-notch security. Customers feel secure running all types of websites including e-commerce knowing customers are protected when they provide financial details and buy things from their WordPress-based internet catalogs.

At the very heart of Pagely, organization and technology are always maintained and forward-thinking. Big and small clients alike trust this firm including international publications, government agencies, and holiday accommodations.

What Is Managed Hosting?

There is a technical side to using the worldwide web that you might not be familiar with. Your familiarity doesn’t matter; the cost of a plan also covers managed services. In other words, behind-the-scenes tech is looked after by Pagely. They take care of plugins, security, and performance so the system is constantly updated to protect you, protect your customers or readers, and also to remain speedy the way you and your readers like it.

Speed and security influence Google rankings that help you reach the first page of a search, maybe the first spot on the first page. In the background, Pagely’s redundant servers ensure downtime is virtually non-existent. If one crashes for any reason, another server fires up to take its place. All the most important functions are doubled for safety. Backups happen daily and automatically.

Shop at Pagely

Try the new Neutrino monthly plan for $99 each month or save 10% by purchasing a year of services in one go. That applies to all of their plans. Neutrino allows a user to build as many as 5 WordPress sites. Security is provided but adding SSL is desirable for e-commerce and also increases loading speed. You receive 20 GB disk space, 25 GB bandwidth, and 100 GB CDN (Content Delivery Network).

VPS-1 for optimized services costs $499 monthly, up to 30 sites, with 50 GB disk space, 200 GB bandwidth, and 1 TB of CDN. Version two doubles the price but also supplies more RAM, resources, and bandwidth. This is where e-commerce should start. Host as many as 60 websites.

A version of VPS-1 with High Availability (HA) is suggested for anyone who receives over a million views on their website each month. VPS-1 HA is for those high-traffic websites that would crash a server designed for small-traffic customers and costs $1,249 each month.

A load-balanced VPS-1 with two nodes is new to Pagely. This system is ideal when concurrent connections are likely and it’s another High Availability plan, this time for 30 websites, 50 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, but 3 TB of CDN. There is also a VPS-2 HA subscription.

Pagely also lists six pre-configured, High Availability Enterprise WP plans supplying disaster recovery, high traffic compatibility, and “Custom Clusters” with AWS and Elastic Search enabled. CDN is available at 25 TB or more so call or email for a quote if your needs exceed those of the flexible plans offered above.