How to Select the Best Web Hosting Company

Are you planning to launch your business over the internet or just want to move your existing website to a new host? Choosing the right host isn’t a easy job because the internet is swarming with hosting companies. While it may tempt to sign up with a host that offers free hosting services, there are a lot of other things at play that directly influence your business’s growth. This is why you should not compromise when it comes to choosing a good website host.

Choose a Web Host Like a Pro

Know your potential growth – is your business growing rapidly? Are you seeing a surplus of traffic on a daily basis? Is there an indication that your business will continue to grow over the coming time? Then you need to sign up with a host that constantly grows with your business. You should be able to switch to powerful hosting solutions within the selected hosting service.

Pick a Web Host Graphic

Understand the difference between the three main hosting options – these are as follows:

Shared server – A shared server hosts many websites. This means you will be sharing the bandwidth, space and other important factors with other website owners. This is a good and affordable hosting option if you own a medium sized business that doesn’t attract traffic in millions.

Virtual Private Servers – for businesses that run ecommerce websites, a VPN assures better stability and resources. Aimed at businesses that are rapidly growing with each day and see traffic surplus reaching millions.

Dedicated servers – ideal for corporate websites, these servers are entirely under you. If your business attracts a huge traffic, mostly in the millions, and you do business on a daily basis, then this option is a must have to stabilize your website.

Test response time – checking response time is a good idea. You should ideally get a response within 24 hours for any query you have. To test the response time, simply email the hosting company and ask a few technical questions. See how quickly they respond and provide a solution.

Read service reviews – there are tons of user reviews available on nearly all hosting companies. But beware of reviews that are affiliating a particular host because they may be biased in their opinion. If possible, skim through user forums and read what real users have to say about the hosting company you are eying.

Compare features – once you have shortlisted hosting companies based on reviews and your personal research, compare each hosting company’s features together. See what services are offered at what prices. You will be surprised to see a lot of variety when it comes to service packages. Go with the one that falls under your budget and offers the best value for money.

Make sure all necessary services are provided – running a website requires many features that are given by a hosting company. Features like cPanel, SSL and other important features need to be available with a host.

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