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Site5 Hosting For Designers And Developers

That’s what they say at Site5: this is a web host specifically for a tech savvy group of people seeking a place to ply their skills as designers and developers. Site5 supplies “no overloaded servers, high-end servers, a low number of customers per server, and 50% less fat” in their own words. Okay, so they’ve scaled things down to create a very particular service at an affordable cost. Here’s more info about Site5.

From the Beginning

Site5 guarantees the performance of their servers. You won’t find them stuffing too many accounts onto a server that’s already bursting and ready to let the team down any minute. Just wait until one of those servers breaks: someone’s going to get fired.

Site5’s employees are experienced and skilled. They provide reliability by keeping a close eye on systems so as to never go over their self-determined limit of what can be supported technically without jeopardizing the client’s uptime, yet enough clients not to make prices ridiculous. Their services are also supported by upgrades all the time since this industry experiences lightning-fast innovation.

No Outsourced Support

What does outsourcing mean to you? Think of all the times you phone a customer service hotline about anything, web hosting or a credit card problem, and wondered if the agent you spoke to was even based in your country or knew anything about the product in question; anything he could tell you in English.

These people use a computer and automated prompts to find answers to frequently asked questions then hand anything difficult over to a queue so you get in line and wait for half an hour or anticipate a phone call/email some time within the next few days.

That is not the plan at Site5. While outsourcing can be cheap, it’s irritating and the people at Site5 don’t like to tick people off. That’s a great way to undercut the competition to your own detriment. Site5 proudly looks after their clients by providing an in-house service team made up of trained individuals with technical education; people who speak English and behave courteously.


Nothing about their marketing is done as an act of seeking attention; no desperate measures to catch your eye, like give-aways and novelties. What you see is what you get, including quality and reliability.

There’s no small print to worry about or hidden extras lying in wait to jump out and give you a scare. Budget for services knowing the price you see is the price you are charged, not a penny more.

A hassle-free money-back guarantee is built into their sales policy too. Some of the “fat” that’s been trimmed here are the extras supplied by certain huge companies. Site5 isn’t an SEO consultation firm supplying optimization support or website building services. Handle all of that somewhere else and leave the technical stuff for Site5.

Environmentally Sensitive

The team at Site5 takes an environmentally responsible approach and has worked green policies into their long-term goals since starting out in 1999. At first this just meant being super efficient. Now they go further by offering carbon neutral services, planting trees to offset their energy use. While RECs are popular elsewhere, Site5 felt their tree-planting efforts would have a more immediate and obvious impact.

Their workforce doesn’t operate out of an office with energy requirements of its own. They work from home where the lights would have been left on anyway. This also cuts down on emissions (no cars traveling to and from work) and paper waste created in office environments. Servers are not powered by wind turbines; they seek to be as efficient as possible, however, by choosing low-energy machinery.

Plans at Site5

Without an office, you might wonder where support agents work from, but they are out there waiting to answer your questions. Request a phone call and talk to a trained support person about what plan might work best. You can also engage in live online chat if you prefer.

Choose a plan with as few or as many features as you want: 1 website or unlimited sites; a separate control panel for each site or not; a dedicated IP address or a shared one; and e-commerce usability if you’re selling stuff. There are loads of customization options like additional security, script installation, subdomains, and backups. Some are standard; others are provided for an extra cost.


Sign up for anonymous reseller hosting. This means Site5 is not named in your domain title. As far as clients are concerned, you’re selling web hosting from your own server or the savvy client will know this isn’t the case but not the company you pay to obtain services. All services listed are available as part of each reseller plan. Disk space and bandwidth speeds vary, however, according to the price you pay monthly.


Go one of two ways: pick managed or unmanaged VPS. Of course the prices are very different. With the managed and the unmanaged VPS plan, resources are protected completely. No one will share your CPU core space, disk space, or RAM. You won’t be affected by others on the web in any way.