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The internet delivers content using emails, websites, blog pages, advertisements, and videos. There are also social media pages, the most famous of which is Facebook. After this social network came out, sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram followed.

YouTube was out there already too, providing video content to the world free of charge with some subscription and paid options as well. These pages have helped companies and organizations to spread the word about products, ideas, and to raise awareness of community needs for more than a decade.

Social media global computer networkSocial Media Marketing

As any SEO marketing expert will tell you, the web is an indispensable advertising tool. Companies reach exponentially more individuals over the internet than they do using traditional techniques like print advertising and word-of-mouth.

Mail-outs and business cards don’t do as much good to the average company seeking an audience outside of the local area as does a good marketing campaign launched over the internet.

The key is to help people find you since they won’t know well enough to look for your brand name or your website. Social Media is incredibly important when it comes to drawing crowds.

How to Use Social Media

Professionals in the SEO business encourage their clients to use social media in various ways. One is to simply host a business site and post content at regular intervals. This should include written posts and video. The tone should appeal to real people and take on a conversational tone.

Imagine you are having a chat with the person who posts that he likes your product or has questions about a service. Never let time pass before responding to anything a person writes, good or bad, and use this venue to address complaints as well as praise.

Post images of what you make or sell. We live in a visual world where clients expect and appreciate graphics. They remember things better when presented with a visual reference.

Use this opportunity to attract an even bigger audience — run a give-away or flash sale. Encourage people to register for email alerts in exchange for receiving a 10% discount on their next purchase. They’ll never miss one of your discounts or specials. In exchange, all they have to do is “like” you, and if they really do like your product or service, chances are they will post the link to friends, family, and colleagues.

Why Use Social Media for Marketing

As I mentioned just now, it’s easy for consumers to pass on news and links they like when you are on social media. Usually, people don’t sell anything on Facebook or Instagram either and viewers don’t feel pressured. You might announce a product, but this isn’t your e-commerce site.

Facebook and Twitter are your outlets for social connection with real people. When they only visit your web page, you and the team don’t seem like real people. When they communicated with you over Facebook, this is a chance to make them warm up to you.

It’s personal and direct and the way you deal with people is there for every viewer on that same media to see. So, handle someone’s complaint humbly and show how eager you are to fix the problem. That person will probably respond favorably.

Fulfill your promise and the next interaction will be an enthusiastic “thank you” or praise from the person who was first disappointed but is now a fan won over. Even if that individual doesn’t gush, other viewers following the transaction can see how hard you tried. You just attracted more clients.

Setting Up

Social media is a necessary tool in your advertising arsenal. It might be out of your comfort zone to start one, however, or to maintain it. Here are some ideas. One is to hire an SEO expert to establish at least one page, the most appropriate for your business. For graphics, Instagram would be better than Facebook. You could also ask a web hosting service to supply professional support if they offer marketing services in their catalogue. See our hosting promos and coupons here.

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