StackPath Marks The Path To Online Security

StackPath, a content delivery┬áservice, was developed in the United States as a means of making web hosting and services work together for better security and performance. A number of experts work together to do something that has not been done before: bring many answers to “enterprise security” together under one web hosting service banner.

Customers are happy as a result; customer which include tens of thousands of businesses of all sizes. There are major corporations and small businesses on the books at StackPath which is based in Dallas, Texas but has offices all over the world.

Started out as Security

Originally, StackPath’s service niche was security alone. This was an individual product; something that did not come as standard with web hosting. Their investors continue to put money into developing better security; this is never a “done deal” as hackers find innovative ways to get through internet barriers.

Web designers simply have to be smarter. CEO Lance Crosby envisions smooth platforms for security that can be easily scaled for unpredictable traffic demands.

His company, backed by a lot of money from investors impressed with the StackPath platform, envisions going from strength to strength. This means their customers will do the same.

Intelligent Machine

Defense from StackPath is the only security package companies need. The system is intelligent enough to gather information from every other system it encounters then use this information to develop greater threat detection abilities. StackPath is able to recognize and tell the client about each threat it encounters in real time with many possible applications including mobile applications.

StackPath combines security with speed and scalability, the three most important aspects of web hosting. With the money to go further, those who rely on StackPath will find it matures as their web experience evolves.

Advantages of StackPath

Subscribers enjoy DDoS and website protection. Everyone receives the same bandwidth pricing for their monthly plan regardless of where they are located in the world, although pricing is based on the size of the plan. There 100% Service Level Agreement comes without a long-term contracted commitment. Customers receive analytics in real time and AIN (Application Intelligence Networking).

StackPath is incredibly quick; it’s one of their selling points. They do not just offer fast servers but also fast service. StackPath wants you to feel in control of scale too. That is something else the company is proud of. Enjoy the tools you need; otherwise, simplify your site.

Five Plans for Little to Large Businesses

Custom plans are available if you want more than the standard features offered by StackPath. Otherwise, their five pre-built plans are designed to accommodate every firm from a tiny startup to a major company with hundreds of employees.

Prices are $20, $60, $100 $300, and $600 per month. Global bandwidth ranges from 250 to 25,000 GB with prices per extra GB getting smaller as your plan grows in size. The number of sites allowed per client is 5 to 250 with unlimited sites for the largest plan if you can find ways to use more than 250 of them.

Features of Every Plan

Each client, regardless of monthly subscription, receives DDoS Mitigation, a Web Application Firewall (WAF), Full Site Acceleration, and Analytics in real-time, an Origin Shield, and SSL. Support is available to all clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Live Chat, phone support, and a real engineer are available to help you sort out problems or answer queries. The answer could be really simple and you might be on your way in moments, thanks to technical support from people who actually know what StackPath is, not off-site, contracted customer service going through a list of FAQs.

Each customer also receives the option of ticketed support which can be submitted via email. HTTP requests are unlimited. Receive real-time purge and propagation, API (Application Program Interface), a control panel, and 2-step authentication. StackPath makes a guarantee that uptime will be 100%.

The Top Plans

The top three plans receive a Dedicated Technical Account Manager but the very top plan also receives Net Terms and Raw Logs. Find out more on the StackPath website. If yours is a huge firm making billions of dollars and employing hundreds of people, it’s likely you need all the support StackPath can offer. Take advantage of a free 15-day trial and find out if StackPath is right for your company.

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