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When Vidahost was founded 12 years ago, Dom and Seb were just 16. Think about it: they are still under 30 and their company now runs data centers in London and Singapore. Headquarters are in the UK. Theirs is another story influenced by Harry Potter.

Vidahost Promos and Coupon Codes

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Hosting Wizardry

Back then, the two Harry Potter fans wanted to run a fan site and they didn’t like what they found. They bought a server but didn’t need all the capacity they had, so friends and family bought the leftovers and helped them fund their venture. From there, a business was born. Who says youth have no focus?

Word spread: Vidahost was used by forums like DeviantArt and Nasa Worldwind. It was time to move to a real office, this first one located in Bath, home of the famous Roman Baths and the Assembly Rooms where Jane Austen’s female characters danced with young, dashing, eligible offers and heirs of estate. Centuries of history were to intersect with the modern world of web servers.

The pair of entrepreneurs became university graduates, started Paragon Internet Group, opened a full-sized data center in Maidenhead, then moved the office again. By joining the London Internet Exchange known as LINX, they were able to enhance their technology.

Eventually, Vidahost joined the Cloud too. They had to hire more staff, especially after inviting registered charities in the UK to sign up for free Cloud hosting. Young people of today have strong ideals. Their Code Club, set up as a means of encouraging youngsters to learn and enjoy code, even made it cool to be a nerd.

They built and took full ownership of a Tier 3+ 2N data center near London and relocated once more. Finally, they had to take the plunge and hire a team of managed hosting experts to look after big businesses and their needs.

They also added experts in domain migration and made migration a free service for all web hosting customers. They were the first Accredited Nominet Channel Partner and were also accredited by ICANN. ICANN is a non-profit organization dedicated to internet safety, reliability, and regulation.

Nominet is a domain registrar and only partners with companies which, in their opinion, create and follow strict standards of performance. Joining with Nominet allowed them to offer more domain extensions than before.

While Bulgaria became a new customer support location, Vidahost extended their hosting platform for the Cloud to Singapore. A “concierge team” was established in order to support new customers onto the web.

Finally, Vidahost re-imagined their website and launched it in 2016. Find out if they have services you can use from anywhere in the world and, if they aren’t as cheap as everyone else, read above once more. You get what you pay for.

Being there for Customers

Vidahost hopes they can not only think like you but anticipate your needs as customers. That has got to be difficult for technological people who live, eat, breathe, and sleep in code. Still, helpfulness isn’t just a long-distance goal but an expectation today.

Most reviews agree that they go the extra mile and are reliable service providers. You always get one or two who don’t like a company; that’s inevitable. I would go with the majority of voices here, however, and rely on Vidahost for your hosting needs.

Cloud Hosting Services

Learn how the Cloud works and, if you still like what you hear, turn to Vidahost and one of their 4 plans. These cost from £2.99 to £19.99 each month with no gimmicks or discounts. Annual and Biennial plans are also available and provide savings.

Each client receives Open SSL, from 6 to 100 hosted sites, free 1-click apps, backup on a daily basis, access to SSH, and more. There is MySQL for all, PHP, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Start a WordPress or Magento site, or look up your other options. Vidahost rocks the Cloud.