The world of online sales is constantly changing and always presents challenges. Consumers press firms for tighter security and shop where they see an SSL certificate. This gives them confidence that identity theft won’t become a reality for them. Customers like to compare prices and products without visiting one online store after another, so they love it when a website offers comparison tools.

Shoppers want to use an engaging online tool and a website that’s easy to navigate. Retailers know their clients are looking for these things but don’t have a clue how to meet the desires of potential customers. Volusion makes it their business to turn a retailer’s vision into a reality.

volusion.comVolusion E Commerce Solution

At Volusion, they specialize in making and hosting internet sales portals. Customers can use free templates which operate like other open source website-building software except with the specific goal of building an internet sales tool. Clients of Volusion can opt to build a site using the themes and styles provided for free or they can pay Volusion staff to build a unique website.

They will help a client implement a Comparison Search Engine or CSE so they don’t have to leave a website to find out who offers the best price. With this tool, customers can stay at the client’s home page and this reduces the chance he will leave with his money to shop elsewhere. It’s not an SEO tool, but Volusion can help with Search Engine Optimization too.

Volusion arranges PPC ad campaigns and a service called Dynamic Remarketing, two SEO features. With Dynamic Remarketing, a firm targets individual shoppers who have come close to making a purchase and entices them to return for another look, this time with their card details ready. This is personalized marketing at its most direct. With analytics, you can also see if these tactics are working to raise your profile with shoppers. If not, these same analytics provide insight as to why they aren’t working.

Analytics show you the best key words in a given industry, how companies are doing in Google’s ranking system, and they allow you to compare results against the nearest competitors plus the biggest sellers in a given industry.

Volusion Hosting

Build your site and add extras like live chat software or social media links. When you are done, Volusion will arrange web hosting and can also get you that all-important SSL certification without which your profits aren’t being maximized. Encourage customers to provide credit card details you can process, thanks to Volusion’s money-processing software.

Volusion as a Company

Not only does this firm founded by CEO Kevin Sproles want to encourage your business; they also hope to attract fresh talent to their team. An entire page is devoted to highlighting the good things about working for Volusion.

Certainly, this is another selling point for potential customers who like to support a good employer, but it can’t hurt recruitment prospects either. At Volusion, they offer numerous perks such as on-site fitness, free snacks any time, and coffee brewing whenever you want it. Employees obtain paid parental leave, flexible holiday time, and take part in a 401(k) retirement scheme.

Two days every year employees can take extra time off to volunteer in the local community. Team building and even joining company sports teams encourages camaraderie and strong morale. Employees receive optical, dental, medical, and life insurance benefits. There is a day each week for dressing in jeans and t-shirts and sipping beer at work yet they still get it all done.

You could say the grass is greener on both sides. Consumers and staff have it equally as good as each other when they choose Volusion, now employing over 450 people and growing steadily. Their software supports more than 40,000 e commerce stores.

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