Weighing Up A VPS Versus A Dedicated Server

In the field of web hosting, there are basically three levels: shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. That’s not even mentioning WordPress, Joomla, and Amazon, Cloud hosting, or reselling. There are many ways to customize a web hosting firm and suit a niche, but the basic question consumers always ask themselves is whether they want to share a server or not and, if so, how much sharing is too much?

What Is a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Hosting firms are telling you that service is so good it’s virtually private, but it’s still a shared plan. You pay more for VPS than basic shared hosting; about $20 for a basic monthly plan versus $5 or $7 monthly for the most basic Shared Hosting.

With VPS, customers pay more because there are fewer limits to bandwidth, email accounts, websites, and customization options. One can operate multiple profiles on a single account although, of course, the price starts to go up.

Run a shared system with your own control panel and personalize the system as much as possible. Obtain root access or, basically, take control of server files which would be off limits to shared users paying for lesser monthly subscriptions.

Limits to VPS

At the end of the day, this is still a form of shared hosting. It’s not as secure; not as customizable. There are some boundaries to storage and other features and, besides that, other users have the potential to place a burden on the system.

What if one company which opted for VPS suddenly experiences a rush where 250,000 people use their website? This could bring the entire server to a standstill. In that case, wouldn’t all the files from a company on this system be at risk in some way? Could security be jeopardized? There are definitely dangers in that regard, but firms and organizations hosting sensitive material take a different route.

Dedicated Servers

The name says it clearly: a dedicated server is used by a single entity; a firm; a charity; a government agency. Healthcare organizations like hospitals and addiction centers prefer dedicated servers. Prisons and psychiatric institutions won’t opt for shared servers. Neither will school boards or organizations related to government or transportation infrastructure such as airports and top-secret groups.

When internet traffic is very high, a business will arrange for dedicated web hosting. Numbers of internet visitors are in the hundreds of thousands; perhaps 300,000 or over half a million every day. Major corporations like Sony, Microsoft, and huge brands like L’Oreal have big reputations to protect. They don’t want a slow website to be the weak link in their chain.

Dedicated service is still bound by the same laws of satellite and wi-fi service. No matter how good a website is, customer access is dictated by their location and a site can slow down if millions of people try to log on at once. This happens at election time and following a natural disaster.

Which Is Better?

Usually, shared hosting is enough for anyone. It’s certainly adequate for a blog or small business. Consider VPS when business appears to be growing and your internet profile is spreading. Dedicated hosting is expensive and unnecessary.

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